Wednesday, May 25


Harsh research shows that people who often talk about their accomplishments, diets, workout routines, and gym selfies should be considered narcissists. A lot of people are busy sharing irrelevant images daily on their social media platforms. However, there may be a positive reason for sharing your gym selfies.

There are a few crucial reasons why you should share your gym selfies. This is a strategy that is built to help you support, achieve, and celebrate every accomplishment—whether big or small.


  • SHUT EXIT DOORS: It is no small task to get started and to keep up regularly with your workout routine. When you share your plans and goals with friends, this gives you the motivation you may need to begin. Beyond that, it gives you the fortitude to keep pushing and achieving your fitness goals. The reason behind this is that it is often difficult to withdraw from a plan once you have revealed it to your friends and social media followers. To make backing off from your fitness goals even harder, you can include motivational captions when uploading your selfies. Let people know what your schedule is. Share your difficulty in reaching your goals. This will destroy every exit strategy that may come up in the future.
  • BE MOTIVATED: Sometimes we all need a little motivation to keep us going. Some support from family and friends cheering us on may be all that we need to reach the next milestone in our lives. How to handle our bodies or spend our time can often be challenging. Hence, when you update your status or post a gym selfie, you will get comments and likes.

These people will act as your cheering squad. They will provide the motivation and encouragement that you may need for the next hurdle. You will be working out with a company of supporters cheering you on. Since Steroidsfax moved, you can now get access to other bodybuilding products that will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

  • MOTIVATING OTHERS: A lot may be going on in the lives of other people outside your family and friend network. However, with the help of several social media platforms, you can impact different people positively with your fitness journey. Some people may find the motivation that they need to complete difficult tasks by watching your fitness journey. Seeing how you overcome the struggle of skipping a workout session may be all the motivation someone needs to be more disciplined. People are often motivated and encouraged by progress and success stories.
  • DOCUMENTING YOUR PROGRESS: Getting a great comparison photo grid of your before and after workout sessions can be thrilling. The only way this is possible is by documenting every step of progress that you have made. When you share your gym selfies regularly, social media platforms help you store them for future reference. This affords you the opportunity to share those memories with your friends.
  • ITS YOUR CHOICE: One reason to share your gym selfies is that you can. There is no law stopping you from sharing important moments in your life. Hence, be free. If you want to, you can share them.

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