Wednesday, October 5

Beginners Camping Food Tips

The great outdoors gives us so much, fresh air, clarity, beauty, entertainment, peace, connection – what it doesn’t give us, is food. Although many of us might like to think that we’re tough enough to rough the food front whilst we’re camping, that’s not actually the best way to go about things. In fact, by neglecting to properly prepare your camping food plan, you’re risking sabotaging your whole trip and not enjoying yourself at all, not what you want for your holiday right? Right. So, in order to make absolutely sure that your trip to the camping ground is as successful as possible, follow these delicious food tips!

Compile a list

First things first, you need to determine exactly what you’re going to be eating, every day. By predetermining your meal plan for the whole trip, you’re saving yourself so much time, money and hassle. Have a family meeting and pick meals that aren’t fussy and that everyone loves. Once you’ve got your three meals a day decided, make a shopping list that is specific. By being exact, you’re avoiding overstocking and wasting food unnecessarily.

Do your prep

Once you’ve gathered all your ingredients, snacks and essentials, it’s time to do a little preparation. Doing your chopping before you set off in the car is a huge favour to yourself, the last thing you want to be doing on a campground is fussing with a chopping board and knife. Pre chop, measure and segment everything to ensure that you have everything you need, right at your fingertips. Decant your salt, pepper, oil and any other must-haves into small bottles or sandwich bags to save on space.

When possible, stick to dry

Make your breakfasts easy and dry to cut out work from at least one of your meals. Breakfast is the easiest meal of the day to simplify, as so many favourite foods are dry already! Choose cereal, bars, breakfast biscuits and fruit. If you want to go one step further, you can always make your lunches dry too. Think of creative options such as sandwiches, premade trail mix, fruit salad or another bowl of cereal to minimise effort.

Frozen lifesavers

Hey, it never hurts to have a couple of back up meals packed into your esky or freezer! There are going to be nights where you are completely exhausted and in no mood to cook, but you don’t want to starve. That’s where the trusty pre-cooked frozen meal comes in! You can stick it on the fire or let it defrost and snack on it, leftovers style, whenever you please. This tip is particularly handy if you’re travelling with little ones. 

Pack up properly

Packing your food and supplies properly is essential for seamless, fuss-free mealtimes. Pack your food entirely separately to avoid spillage disasters on anyone’s luggage, wrap everything properly and decant everything into separate containers if possible. Investing in bamboo, glass or BPO free plastic Tupperware is a very good idea if you plan on hitting the campsite often. Be sure to keep your container set completely separate to your home items – there’s nothing more annoying than a missing lid when you’re packing in a hurry.

Bring the right gear and accessories

You really need the right tools and equipment in order to have the easiest camping trip possible. If you’re taken with the camping lifestyle, you should even consider investing in a trailer – it’s a home away from home and makes everything more convenient, an amazing investment for anyone’s that serious about mother nature.

Ready to get prepping your camping food the most successful beginners trip ever?

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