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Big Data: Consulting Services and Companies Providing Big Data Services

What exactly is big data? Definition

The term big data describes “data of huge size” that is a collection of a large amount of data which is growing exponentially with time and so complex such that traditional data management and processing tools can’t efficiently store or process it.

The term big data represents both the problem and technology evolved as a solution to it. It treats the ways for analyzing, systematic extraction of information and dealing with large & complex data sets. Big data is able to process both structured and unstructured data.

Why do we need Big Data?

Around 2005-06, the popularity of social networking sites and other online services such as Facebook, YouTube increased rapidly and thus the bulk of data generated from these sites was seeing to be unmanageable by conventional databases. This led to the development of an open-source framework which stores and analyze big data sets, “Hadoop” and recently “Apache Spark”. These frameworks make it easy to implement big data & also makes it cheaper to store.

Big Data can be beneficial in a series of business activities, from analytics, support to customer experiences. Here are some of the use cases from a large scope of Big Data such as Preventive Maintenance and support, enhance Customer Experience, recommendation engines, Intelligent Data warehouse management, Improving Operational Efficiency, Product Development, and prices optimization, Cloud and Internet of Things

Large volumes of information, including those created through client or customer cooperation, social media, gadgets, and associated equipment, can provide amazing insights and significant insight when analyzed appropriately. This knowledge of insights can enable associations to improve benefit, business development, and service quality, just as change product offerings and make smarter business decisions and empowers information insight for customers through its Big Data Consulting Services including:

  • Data Mining and Data Integration
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Data analysis and assessment
  • Big data platform support
  • Administration and infrastructure planning
  • Architecture assessment and standardization of platform
  • Business Intelligence and cloud ecosystem
  • On-going application support and event analytics
  • Augmentation of resources with Big data consultants

The major Big Data analytics companies ensure that their methodology guarantees reasonable interest in furnishing a robust capacity on big data through the advancement of industry-explicit arrangements that will convey industry assessment to regarded customers. The consultants and committed experts of big data help the customers in the acknowledgment of certifiable estimations of corporate business in the platform of big data. They give a comprehensive guide on the advancements of big data and a system and design of reference alongside most ideal practices for the execution of technologies.

Big data consulting companies provide expert consultants who offer their top to bottom industry and domain expertise with different companies in big data analytics, big data technology, process, and methodologies, leveraging their real-world experience, industry best practices and innovation best works on, empowering the customer’s success in their big data projects. These consulting service companies offer A to Z consulting services from analysis of business requirements, ideas for a solution, selection of technology, architectural design & implementation to support and maintenance of products.

Hence, Big data processing is a must in today’s high data-competitive world is continuously growing by the emergence of new technology advancements in hardware as well as software.

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