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Looking Forward to Joining the Merchant Navy? Give this Article a Read.

Merchant Navy

What is Merchant navy?

Merchant navy is the vital bone of the International trade, transferring cargo everywhere in the world. The merchant ships have many employees for the work on the ship, delivering and carrying goods from one place to another. Without the Merchant navy, the trade-related to export and import would come to a crashing halt.

Merchant navy is a rare career choice, and there are some things that you should consider before taking up the Merchant Navy Training.

1. Right Qualification:

Just like any other job, you need a particular kind of knowledge and skills for the work, including the qualification. Considering the type of job, it is, you need to have the right skill set to work under this line of work.

2. Choose the Right Job:

Before jumping to the conclusion of finalizing it as your career job, you should really understand and consider the pros and cons of the job. The job obviously needs hard work, and before going all-in, you should know the pros and cons. Just for example, if your con includes something about your health, then you might struggle on board or worse, might have to switch job and start from scratch.

And then, there is a different kind of jobs on the ship.

You should gather the knowledge and apply for the one which suits you or for the thing you are good at.

Maritime Training programmes offer a lot of a different kind of job – from technical to non-technical professionals. The jobs that are available and might interest you are Radio officers, chiefs, captains, able-bodied seamen first mate and second mate.

3. Health and Fitness

The marine job is kind of a job which tests you both, physically and mentally. It is vital to be fit and ready physically and mentally for the different situations you might face on board.
You won’t be selected if you are not considered by the examiner fit.

4. Negligible Social Life

As you will be spending most of your time on the ship, you might not have much time on land and thus around new people. If you are an extrovert who need regular human interaction and find it difficult to be away from happening social life, then you must consider some other job with social life facility.

Other than these points, it is mandatory that to qualify for the Maritime Training programmes, the person who is applying for merchant navy should not have any criminal past or record.
If the applicant does have any such past or record, then she or he will not be eligible to join the merchant navy.

Merchant navy is a well-paid and profitable career option, and for the person who follows every necessary step needed to be primarily, it is one of the finest job options. However, as we know, each and every coin has two different sides. So, choose the career of merchant navy wisely and consider every pro and con in case you are planning to join the merchant navy.

Male Fashion Trends for Spring-Summer 2019

Male Fashion Trends for Spring-Summer 2019

A serious and stylish, respectable and self-confident man today follows fashion and takes care of the way he looks. It means choosing items that are the most suitable and combine them with quality shoes and accessories. Such a person will always dress to impress and attract the attention by his appearance and taste. And in his wardrobe, you will find only carefully selected things. Consequently, in the article, we will talk about the main tendencies of men’s fashion for spring-summer in 2019 so that you can decide what to buy and which items are better to put away for later. 

Every stylish and bright man has a desire to dress up according to the latest fashion, regardless of how old he is and what position in society he occupies. The difference in the choice is only that the younger generation is not scared of experimenting, while the more mature men will try to stick to something more classic. But even if you consider a business suit, you can make it more interesting with a noticeable detail. For example, a bright t-shirt with a strict jacket and jeans makes a man look more interesting, which might help you attract single women for marriage. This mixed style has become popular with young entrepreneurs and businessmen. What other interesting combinations can be made using the knowledge of the latest trends? Read below to find out. 

Six main tendencies for the spring-summer season 

  • Bright colors 

The color palette for men differs from the female one. The designers have focused on bright colors: neon shades or just pure bright colors. Combine colors carefully so as not to look like an urban crazy. 

  • Long-length jackets 

Suits with elongated jackets will be very popular this season. If you have a dress code at work – it will be very appropriate. But if you’re going to buy a classic costume for official events, it’s best to stick to traditional cuts. 

  • Raincoats with a belt 

For several seasons, over-size has not let our hearts down, but it’s time to change direction a bit. This season will not be full of belted cloaks: they emphasize the shape and visually add to your height. 

  • Pockets 

Foldable pockets on jackets, pants, vests and generally on top of any clothes will be trendy, and most importantly, practical. You hit two targets at the same time: fashion and comfort. 

  • Sports style 

For more than one season, the craziness about the sporty casual style continues everywhere: at work, in everyday life, at official events and, not surprisingly, in sports. Anoraks, sports jackets, suit t-shirts – all of these items are safe to put on this spring. 

Trendy color palette 

  • Dark brown shades can emphasize men with status, serious and purposeful. Wearing things of this color, combine them with beige for a perfect match. For example, beige pants go well with a brown shirt of a darker shade and the same color of shoes. 
  • Blue colors of clothing are also on their peak of popularity. They are chosen by leaders and people who hold respectable posts. The clothes in such tones are practical and perfectly combine with other shades. The new season for men is represented by popular shirts and office jackets in blue. 
  • Fashion season spring-summer 2019 offered us a new wave of floral print. This is a mix of mustard, white and graphite colored flowers that are used in everyday things. They are presented in casual and free images of men. 
  • For the owners of brown eyes, the color of caramel iris will be perfect; it can be also combined with velvet and suede accessories. 
  • Graphite is also in trend in this season as presented on jackets, shorts, and t-shirts. The most unbelievable variations of the gray shade will be found on runaways in the spring-summer collections. A mixture of graphite and lilac looks gorgeous as for business suits.  

In the new season, the leather makes a comeback 

The trend of this spring season will be comfort and casualty. This can be noticed in the popularity of knitted and textured items. This, every man must add knitted sweaters to his wardrobe in several designs. Woolen coats, cardigans, large voluminous scarves will be popular. All this creates a careless style. 

In the past season, clothes made of velvet took over the runway shows, and this tendency continues. Many designers have jackets, coats, and bombers of this trendy texture in their collections. Black, brown, gray, plum, lavender and other fashionable shades stay popular. 

Summer trends 

In the summer male clothing will be more vivid than in the spring. That’s why designers have offered us all kinds of shades of fashionable men’s clothing. The highlight of the season is white things, light textures, and breathable fabric. An outfit consisting of truncated white pants and t-shirts of the same color is on the peak of the popularity right now. Such a sense of serenity is suitable for a trip to a warm country.  

SIP: What Is It And Should You Invest In It?

SIP: What Is It And Should You Invest In It?

You might have heard the term Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) have you? Many people are crazy about investing in this concept. However, there are many who does not even know what is it and how beneficial it would be to invest in it.

What is SIP?

An SIP is a particular amount and it is invested for a continuous period at regular intervals.  This is quite similar to a regular saving scheme like that of a recurring deposit.  Sip allows the investor to purchase the units as per a pre decided frequency. It means the investortakes the decision regarding the amount and also the scheme / scrip he or she wants to invest in.Becauseof the principle of cost averaging, much number of units ispurchased in a falling market and less units in an increasing market. It also allows you to take part in the stock market that too without trying to time it. It is something that evenbringsdiscipline to your investments.

What are the advantages of an SIP?

What do you think: Is investing in sip a good idea? Well, it is a question that is churning many minds. Well, maximum people feel that it is a fantastic idea. You know systematic investment plan is a way to form an investment portfolio having a small sip investment in mutual funds at steady intervals. Many investors pick this route to step in the financial markets and take advantage from compounding returns the finest way. As of now, you can yourself read some of the many advantages of sip below and make your decision accordingly.

Disciplined Saving

For any type of successful investment, discipline is essence. When you do investing via SIP, you commit to save frequently, and every single investment takes you a step nearer to reach your financial objectives.

There is Convenience

Investing via SIPs is a hassle-free procedure. You can easily instruct your bank to facilitate auto-debits from the account you have. You can even visit the website of the fund house you have interest in and click or tap on the link for SIP registration link or button.

Rupee cost averaging

In case you choose to invest a fixed amount of money every single month via SIPs, you are going to witness that more units or stocks get purchased when the cost of the investment goes down. Itbrings down the average price of buying the financial asset overtime.

Advantages of compounding

To produce wealth, the key is to begin to invest early and regularly. A tiny sum of money invested through SIPs on a regular basis can increase into a significantly large sum. Via the power of compounding, your interest gets you interest and it allows you to fetch a considerable amount of wealth.

No requirement to time the market

To know when the right time is to do investment in the market can pose a huge dilemma. It is tough to predict when the market is going to be at its peak or low point. Investing via SIPs keeps the investors from timing the market. While SIPs are not totally free from the market volatility, you need not to panic or worry about the market movements.


So, if you haven’t thought about SIP yet, it is time that you do so.

Kegel Exercise in Pregnancy- Know Details About It

Kegel Exercise in Pregnancy- Know Details About It

Kegel exercise is often heard off but these are still not popular in many places. It is said that Kegels can strengthen a woman’s pelvic muscles. It is said that Kegels are helpful during pregnancies. But do they really work? This article will help you to learn about all the nooks and facts of Kegel exercise and they’re worth in pregnancies.

 Kegel Exercise

It was invented by the doctor of the same name. It is a type of pelvic floor exercises that are done by squeezing and relaxing the pelvic muscles and the muscles of genital areas. These muscles offer support to bladder, uterus and intestine and rectum. The daily dose of kegel during pregnancy is beneficial. Even after giving birth kegel can do wonders.  It helps to build endurance, the strength of pelvic muscles.


Kegel has many benefits-

  • Often women face the problem of uncontrollable urine during or after pregnancy. This happens because the bladders become loose with a vaginal birth. This is known as urinary incontinence or the problem of passing urine as soon as you feel the argue.  There are also cases of stress incontinence or urine leaking while laughing, sneezing or coughing.  Kegel pregnancy exercises are beneficial in these cases. It adds strength to the bladder and provides better control.
  • Vaginal childbirth may cause the collapse of organs like uterus, urethra, and bowel. Doctors can recommend kegel.
  •  Kegel exercises in pregnancy period also help to gain control over bladder and bowel movement.

 How to Do It

At first, lie down and become comfortable. As time passes, you can do them while sitting or standing. Next, hold your pelvic muscles for a few seconds. Increase the time to 10 seconds. The contraction will become stronger with time. Do this several times. After those contractions hold the squeeze till three seconds and then relax. You need to repeat this whole process for a few rounds. You can increase the intensity of the exercise with time.  You need to do each step correctly for at least 6 weeks to feel the result.

According to experts, women usually gain more control over their bowel and bladder after doing Kegels for 12 weeks.


  • Do not practice kegel while you are urinating. Because it can prevent your bladder to fully release the stored urine.
  • Do not hold breath while you do kegel
  • Never give strain to your abdominal and buttock muscles while doing kegel. It is all about the pelvic floor muscles. Never overdo it.
  • Practice regularly. Your doctor or instructor will give advice on how many sets you need to do.

Tips for Pregnant Women

  •  Consult a doctor before starting kegel. Your doctor will be able to understand if you can do kegel while sitting or you need to lie down.
  • Start kegel from your second trimester.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions.

 It is clear that kegel can be important to allow better control over your uterus, pelvic muscles, and bladder. Pregnant women can also do it. But kegel needs to be done with the advice of a well-experienced health care expert. Another thing you need to remember is that regular practice in the correct way is the only key to success.

Big Data: Consulting Services and Companies Providing Big Data Services

Big Data

What exactly is big data? Definition

The term big data describes “data of huge size” that is a collection of a large amount of data which is growing exponentially with time and so complex such that traditional data management and processing tools can’t efficiently store or process it.

The term big data represents both the problem and technology evolved as a solution to it. It treats the ways for analyzing, systematic extraction of information and dealing with large & complex data sets. Big data is able to process both structured and unstructured data.

Why do we need Big Data?

Around 2005-06, the popularity of social networking sites and other online services such as Facebook, YouTube increased rapidly and thus the bulk of data generated from these sites was seeing to be unmanageable by conventional databases. This led to the development of an open-source framework which stores and analyze big data sets, “Hadoop” and recently “Apache Spark”. These frameworks make it easy to implement big data & also makes it cheaper to store.

Big Data can be beneficial in a series of business activities, from analytics, support to customer experiences. Here are some of the use cases from a large scope of Big Data such as Preventive Maintenance and support, enhance Customer Experience, recommendation engines, Intelligent Data warehouse management, Improving Operational Efficiency, Product Development, and prices optimization, Cloud and Internet of Things

Large volumes of information, including those created through client or customer cooperation, social media, gadgets, and associated equipment, can provide amazing insights and significant insight when analyzed appropriately. This knowledge of insights can enable associations to improve benefit, business development, and service quality, just as change product offerings and make smarter business decisions and empowers information insight for customers through its Big Data Consulting Services including:

  • Data Mining and Data Integration
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Data analysis and assessment
  • Big data platform support
  • Administration and infrastructure planning
  • Architecture assessment and standardization of platform
  • Business Intelligence and cloud ecosystem
  • On-going application support and event analytics
  • Augmentation of resources with Big data consultants

The major Big Data analytics companies ensure that their methodology guarantees reasonable interest in furnishing a robust capacity on big data through the advancement of industry-explicit arrangements that will convey industry assessment to regarded customers. The consultants and committed experts of big data help the customers in the acknowledgment of certifiable estimations of corporate business in the platform of big data. They give a comprehensive guide on the advancements of big data and a system and design of reference alongside most ideal practices for the execution of technologies.

Big data consulting companies provide expert consultants who offer their top to bottom industry and domain expertise with different companies in big data analytics, big data technology, process, and methodologies, leveraging their real-world experience, industry best practices and innovation best works on, empowering the customer’s success in their big data projects. These consulting service companies offer A to Z consulting services from analysis of business requirements, ideas for a solution, selection of technology, architectural design & implementation to support and maintenance of products.

Hence, Big data processing is a must in today’s high data-competitive world is continuously growing by the emergence of new technology advancements in hardware as well as software.

Beautiful 3d Wall Stickers for Living Room

3d Wall Stickers for Living Room

The house looks beautiful if the walls are beautifully decorated. So, a person can stick different types of frames or stickers to the wall. The stickers can be directly applied to the walls. They look modern and add beauty to the house. People prefer to apply stickers to the wall because they are cheaper and also the walls look beautiful. If the wall is scribbled, then it can be applied to the wall so that the lines of scribbling do not appear.

Different design of stickers

Different designs are available with the vendor. A person can buy a wall sticker that is suitable to the living room. Today, people usually apply 3d wall stickers to the wall because it look trendy.  Usually, in modern homes such stickers are applied. Such stickers have 3d designs with any objects. Usually, the 3d designs with floral patterns also look excellent. The 3d designs are applied to the living room and sometimes to the bedroom also. The stickers are available in various shapes and objects. They appear as if a picture is drawn on the wall.

Different –object stickers

A person can apply some of the finest 3d wall stickers for living room. Some of the common 3d wall stickers include sun, moon, stars, flowers, birds, fishes etc. Different objects are converted into 3d objects. The shading of the objects is done wonderfully that any visitor is aroused. The people in the room can just enjoy watching the 3d pictures on the walls. One of the captivating 3d pictures is eyes and it can be applied to the walls.

The stickers are big or small. If the stickers are larger, then they can be applied to the entire wall. The stickers of sun, moon and stars are also available which can be stuck upon a wall. During the nighttime, it appears as if they are shinning on the walls of the home. Some of them even apply them on the ceilings and it appears as if they are shinning above or the sky is low.

Usually also stick them to the walls to prevent bacterial odors or the odors produced by dews or molds formed in the house. People should stick them on the wall so that the wall is not filled with dust and dirty particles. They should be installed to flat and dry surfaces and some of them are even suitable for the walls also. The visitors feel nice and chilled when the view the stickers of marine life. The visitors usually want to view something sober and pleasant. Some of them are fascinated to view the stickers of God and Goddess also. Many people are nature-lovers and they love to view the images of trees, plants, flowers etc. The flower stickers can be applied to the side of the walls. If the family members are celebrating child’s birthday, then they can apply the stickers of the balloons.

The stickers can be applied to the walls easily and also they can be removed easily. They comprise adhesive substances that can easily adhere to the walls.

QuickBooks Can Support Multiple Companies

QuickBooks Can Support Multiple Companies

More Construction Companies Than Any time in recent memory – Have to depend on at least two salaries. We have met with contractual workers from a few gatherings:

Gathering One – One individual working for the outside boss and the other individual is independently employed. Today it is increasingly basic to see the two accomplices are independently employed and claim their business.

Organizations Owned By – Related colleagues and business types might be converted into a solitary QuickBooks record and that can raise a wide range of ruckus! Get the best help from our QuickBooks Payroll Support Experts. And Resolve your problems Quickly.

At the point when The Individual Household Partners – File their yearly expense form mutually the duty get ready who records the yearly Income Tax Return takes a gander at all the business and individual financials and is the last expert on what can and can’t be consolidated on a solitary assessment form.

Most Tax Returns Are About A “Zillion” – Pages long with a significant part of the data copied on both the individual and business returns which is the reason we prescribe you employ somebody who represents considerable authority in planning yearly expense forms NOT A Jack-Of-All-Accounting-Trades-Master-Of-None. We don’t get ready yearly assessment forms; we do process Payroll and get ready Quarterly Tax Reports.

For what reason Do You Need Individual QuickBooks Company Files?

Indeed, even With Related Personal Partnerships – (wedded couples) every individual business types are not related and require they claim Federal Tax ID Number (EIN). This makes the requirement for at least two QuickBooks records.

For Example – One accomplice is a Construction Contractor and the other accomplice has an Event’s Planning business.

Numerous Companies In QuickBooks – QuickBooks will bolster various organization records, Learn More… In the event that one accomplice utilizes a Mac Computer and the other accomplice utilizes a PC you can both access QuickBooks windows rendition utilizing our QuickBooks support in the Cloud.

Quick Easy Accounting Uses QuickBooks Enterprise To Combine Reports From Multiple Companies

Singular Ownership – Of each organization isn’t by similar gatherings.

Organization Ownership Issues – Business associations between disconnected individuals makes everyday bookkeeping significantly progressively unpredictable. Who handles the accounting can extend from “Everybody” is composing checks and “Nobody” is doing the genuine accounting. Which prompts a circumstance known as QuickBooks Out Of Control!

Regular Practice – Money is coming/going between records of non-related organizations and costs are paid by a different of records either business/individual/or by others with the exception of the business financial records of the genuine organization.

At the point when Company Funds Are Used – There is a need to follow the progression of assets to/from every one of the organization QuickBooks documents. Our center is Contractors – we additionally center around the business accounts of our customers. Where did the cash originate from (Income/Personal assets/Money from others) – and where did it go? (Costs/COGS/Taxes/Personal Draw) For this reason when the second/third/more organization is “non-therapeutic” we suggest that we handle the accounting for the majority of the organization records.

Regular Practice – Money is coming/going between close to home records to pay costs of doing business by relatives or non-related family unit individuals.

Model – Contractor utilizes individual Visa and might want to have the option to demonstrate the cost in QuickBooks document. Yes, they ought to have utilized an organization charge card; in any case, you were at the store, you required some material to complete the activity and did not have the organization Mastercard with you or it might have been pushed to the limit. So you did what you expected to do to take care of business!

How Do You Track All Of It – We have a Bookkeeping System to represent all operational expense. Without appropriately mirroring all the costs of doing business – Profit and Loss Statement is off base and equivalents higher assessments.

On the off chance that The Business Owner Takes Money Out – Under the subject of “It’s Mine” without legitimate documentation then the Profit and Loss is erroneous once more.

Now and then Clients Want – To continue doing the QuickBooks document for “Their Tiny Little Company” and over the long haul, they overlook that the assets were taken care of on one side and missing on the other.

As Construction Bookkeepers – We comprehend what standard and common kinds of costs are. In the event that we see costs have been paid with individual assets/assets by others – we track it in QuickBooks. On the off chance that we see that ordinary costs are missing – we get some information about them… Maybe those costs don’t exist. Most contractors need to have a thought of the individual benefit by employment and an assortment of different reports

To Meet Construction Company Owners Needs For Specialized QuickBooks Reports – We need to consider What/Why/When/How and after that build up the accounting framework and reports to give the appropriate responses.

We Can Custom Tailor Reports To Fit Your Needs!

This Is Only The Tip – Of the Iceberg. All that we distribute in our blog entries, articles in different sites, and anything you can discover on the web is nothing contrasted with what is accessible to you as our customer. We show just the essential devices to open your brain to the potential outcomes that are accessible to you. The best completion carpentry instruments in the hands of golf proficient without appropriate carpentry preparing won’t create anything close to what a gifted completion craftsman can. The equivalent can be said about the best development business counseling and bookkeeping devices in the hands of a talented completion craftsman. Furthermore, I state that with deference and appreciation for everybody in development.

When You Become A Client – Then we can take advantage of our assets of learning and methodology banks. We utilize the reports covered up in your QuickBooks so as to analyze and comprehend your development business and create plans and help you actualize a way to progress for you and only you on the grounds that each contractual worker has novel Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (S.W.O.T. Examination) that when comprehended can prompt a Strategic Roadmap which can’t resist the opportunity to profit.

On the off chance that You Are A Contractor, You Deserve To Be Wealthy

This Is One More Example of how Fast Easy Accounting is helping development organization proprietors simply like you put more cash in the bank to work and develop your development organization. Development bookkeeping isn’t advanced science; it is much harder than that and significantly progressively profitable to individuals like you and me so quit passing up a major opportunity! Call Sharie 206-361-3950 or [email protected] and plan you’re no charge one-hour counsel.

No Charge One Hour Consultation

Gainful Contractors and Construction Company proprietors have thought about the estimation of re-appropriated accounting administrations and contractual worker instructing administrations like our own for quite a while and now you think about it as well!

We Scan Your Receipts And Invoices interface the suitable exchanges to QuickBooks or Xero Accounting Online relying upon the development bookkeeping administration you are utilizing and give progressing Cloud Based Contractors Bookkeeping Services by bookkeepers who get development.

Taylor Swift Confirmed Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez! But This Is Certainly Not True!

Taylor Swift Confirmed Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez! But This Is Certainly Not True!

Look what you’ve done! Look what you did her! Swiper is persuaded that Justin Bieber was subtly shadowed by Taylor Swift in a Tumblr post that said he cheated her “best friend.” The post was made after Justin gave Taylor an apology for his Instagram for the defense of Scooter Braun in her competition with the music director, who wrote, in part, “Our differences, hurt and trust have not been communicated as years have gone. So it is not fair for you to bring it into social media and make individuals hate scooters. “We did not have to convey our disagreements ‘” The Tumblr article, published by the user.

We haven’t had to share our disagreements, you tricked her best friend and then openly sided with the guy who created vengeance porn (Kanye West) to call you over for tea???? Here’s F**k outta.

Taylor’s Tumblr page still likes the post. After watching the proof, fans were freaking but laughing mostly that they all knew the supposed cheat. “Yeah, Selena A LONG did that some time ago,” tweeted one fan. “And so, the event began when Taylor posted a long open letter on Tumblr, having found out that Scooter purchased Big Machine Records and now owns her full music catalog, until her 2017 republic album.

It all came to the fore, but we all realized he really did. She called the “worst-case scenario” and she wrote that she “was gross and sad.” The constant, manipulative harassment I’ve been receiving at his hands for years was all I could think of.

In a November 2015 interview with a magazine, Justin said that he cheated on Selena. “We worked out how to be in a partnership, how to be ourselves, who we were, with individuals evaluating the relation through the media,” he informed the magazine. “I really believe that my head was messing up too. Because then, it’s like confidence and all that other stuff begins to mess with your mind. You are on the highway. You are on the highway. And on the highway, there are lovely females. And you get into trouble just.”

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Teen Suicide Rate Spiked Due To 13 Reason Why Web Series

Teen Suicide Rate Spiked Due To 13 Reason Why Web Series

When Netflix launched this said web series, 13 Reason Why in 2017, which deals with teen suicide, drinking, rape and many other anti-social behaviors in graphic details, many psychological experts felt that the consequences would be bad. 

These sort of issues will specially instigate teens who already suffer from suicidal thoughts. 

To make the nightmares real, a funded study conducted by the National Insitute of Health showed that the concerns might have been justified. 

It has been revealed by many researchers at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital that following the months of the launch of this alleged web series, the suicide rate among teen boys between the range 10-17 years had gone up by 28 percent. 

If that is not enough, 9 months following the release of the show, 195 extra deaths were seen among teens in the same age group, all of which were suicides. 

Though a lot of blame seems to be falling in the show, researchers believe that there is some third factor which is causing this rise in the suicide rates. But since such issues have been caused it is advisable to keep children and teen away from this show. 

But the question remains, what can be done to protect such suicidal children?

Effective child therapy can be a point to be considered. Through this, disturbing suicidal symptoms and disorders can be discovered. That way, popular web series like 13 reasons Why will not be blamed for rising teen suicide rates. 

After all, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that it was owing to this particular web series that teens thought of falling on the death traps.

In fact, among many college students who watch 13 reasons Why, suicide ideation did not increase.

So the last leaf is in our hands. Shows like this will remain. We have to teach the children to tell the wrong from right.

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Fortnight Season 9: Visit To Solar Array on Snow, Jungle and Desert

Fortnight Season 9

It’s almost time for the 9th week Fortnite’s Season 9 challenge. So it’s time for us to prepare for the 10th season. Week 9 has given a bit of break to all the players to get in tunes with the challenges that have been kept fairly easy. 

The only difficult part of the game is to visit the solar array panels which are located in various biomes which are placed throughout the game. 

If you have played Fortnite before you are most likely to know where to head to. But in case you are lost and don’t know where to go, we have a few pointers that will help you survive.

Know the Challenge

This is a three-layered challenge which involves visiting more than one solar array location. You do not have to do this in separate matches. 

Going with the Challenge

So how do you get on with the wild? Let’s take a look.

The solar array placed in the snow can be discovered in the right just next to the Frosty Flights. You can also see it on the map as and when you land. 

The array of the desert is in the West of the Paradise Palms right in the front of the mansion located on the far East of the map. 

The final array is located right in the Jungle and can be found in the Northwest if Sunny Steps and on the East of the Lazy Lagoon. You can look it up on the map as well. It’s really tough to miss this. 

After you find all the solar array you will have two choices. Either you can make up your mind to finish the game or you can back out to finish the channel. 

Once you achieve these aims you will get that much closer to completing the list of Week 9 challenge list. 

However, if you are looking for more challenges you can always consult the full list of Week 9 challenges to identify what all you have missed. You will need to complete these or you can simply go back to the main menu and prepare for the next challenge. 

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