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GhanaWeb is a vertical portal publishing everything related to the country Ghana. Aside news from Ghana, they offer background information, opinions, the facility to listen to over 200 Ghanaian radio-stations, classifieds, a social network for Ghanaians and many more. 

The portal was launched by a privately owned company in 1999 and operates under the laws of the Netherlands. Through this legal setup, we publish news from Ghana in a completely independent and neutral manner.

Also, we have established a platform where Ghanaians can express themselves freely through opinion articles and by commenting on the news without being censored.

GhanaWeb is, however, a medium made for and by Ghanaians.

The news on the portal is updated by a team of editors who write articles or aggregate from a wide range of Ghanaian media. The wide range of different media (print and online) from which we aggregate ensures a balanced coverage of the news in Ghana.

Our portal is constantly being improved and extended by Ghanaian web developers and web designers. At a functional level, the portal is designed to meet the requirements of the 3 million unique visitors who patronise ghanaweb.com each month.

At a technical level, the portal is constructed to load smoothly and reliably even in remote parts of Africa.

Our visitors are predominantly Ghanaian.

Historically, GhanaWeb has been very popular amongst the millions of migrant Ghanaians living in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and many other countries.

This segment of our audience is very loyal, in fact, many visitors from the early years still visit us daily.

In the last decade, GhanaWeb became extremely popular in Ghana. Since 2008, we are ranked as the most popular website in Ghana featuring local content (source: Alexa).

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Can you do Rich Shooting in Your Budget?

Can you do Rich Shooting in Your Budget?

Shooting and photography are the areas wherein you have to be as technically correct and creatively sound as possible. You have to be sure that you are capturing the moments in the most apt manner. Certainly, it takes time to grip that excellence and efficiency but once you have it; you can do wonders with your art and innovation.

However, for taking photos or scenes, you have to possess a place. You have to find out a landscape, site or location that is as per your need. If you go to places, you might have to spend a lot of money. Of course, sometimes you can afford to take your equipment and team to a location to get that desired shot or shoot but it is not possible always especially when you don’t have a generous budget. Here, what you can consider is a Photoshoot studio rental. You can think about renting a studio that helps you in taking all the captures that too without spending extra pennies.

Is it possible to be dynamic in a studio?

Many of you might be having a doubt about the dynamic aspects. Would you be able to get diversity in a studio? Would there be possible to have variety and richness in a studio setup? Well, the answer is a big yes. There are so many props and items that can help a studio to transmute in a format or setup that you desire. After all, it is all about how you pick things and what you choose to do with them.

Once you have a studio on rent, you just have to give the rent and you can make the most of it. Generally studios have usual props snuggled therein. But you can always carry your own tools and weapons too. You can make sure of props that you need for your shooting. In this way, you can use the creativity to the utmost and employ the decoration and props in a way that the entire space looks new and fresh.

 Less expensive

It is undoubtedly true that these studios are much less costly than going to destinations with your equipment and tools. You cannot simply have it all in your toolbox within your budget. And who says you have to own a studio to make the most of it? Ah, come on, you can always use the rental studios.  Whenever you have a shooting or shot, you can take it on rent and you are good to go.    However, if you go for rental studios then you have to be careful about the following things:

  • First of all make sure you know for how long you can use the studio in which amount. Don’t be shocked later on by the hidden costs.
  • Always be attentive to be punctual because these studios are given on rent to different people and hence you can’t extend your time.


So, whether you pick photo studio space for rent or any studio; you can get those mesmeric and outstanding shots within your budget!

Explore the Best Weekend Gateways from El Paso

Explore the Best Weekend Gateways from El Paso

The city, El Paso is situated at the western tip of enormous state of Texas, where Texas, new and old Mexico meets, making it the largest metroplex in the world. Being the sunshine one, the place is known as “The Sun City”, as sun shines 302 days per year on an average giving the city 83% of day light hours.

Here, is the Top Weekend Gateways from El Paso:


Tucson is best known for the University of Arizona. Situated on the border of US and Mexico, at the deserts and covered by the mountains from all sides, it is the great spot to spend weekends for couples. This beautiful area has something for everyone. Witness some great craft and just go for sightseeing, like for hike, and live in the history of museums. Many more attractions like The Tucson zoo, Pima Air and Space Museum, Saguaro National Park makes your weekend go crazy. With only 316 miles away, you can even enjoy the road trip and reach within 4-5 hours. Quality Inn Flamingo, Grand Luxe Hotel and Resort, Arizona River Park Inn and Econo Lodge are the best places to stay in Tucson.


For fun and discovery full weekend, choose Odessa for yourself. It has rich experience in historical information, which may help you explore more and learn about. This attraction has more such places like The Sniper memorial, The Stonehenge Replica, Music City Mall, The Global Theatre, McKinney Park, Allen Noel Art Museum. Here, springs starts with cool breeze and on April 1 the city hosts the famous humour festival. All seasons are the best to visit, so you can choose accordingly. It has the distance of 284 miles from El Paso, so it’s always suitable to go on weekends, within 4-5 hours. Stays at the Best Weekend Getaways from El Paso includes: La Quinta Inn, Towne Place Suite, Comfort Suites and many more.

Ruidoso, New Mexico:

A small village cradled in the Sierra Blanca Mountain range, this tourist place is best known for its picturesque sights especially during the winters when it is covered in snow, uplifting the beauty many times. It would take only two and a half hours to reach Ruidoso. Visiting Ruidoso in summers and you can enjoy the horse race or go for a hike, whereas in winters is perfect for skiing and snowboarding at Ski Apache, not forgetting about the casinos after all.


Popular for its bat flight program, this city is placed in southeast New Mexico and will leave you surprised with its charming lakes, Caves and beach parks. It would take only 2 hours and 45 minutes car ride to reach Carlsbad. Carlsbad National Park Entrance, King’s Palace, Lion’s Tail, Giant Dome are few of many things to seek. The Rodeway Inn, Super 8 Carlsbad, Great Western Inn and Suites, Econo Lodge and Carlsbad Inn are some good and affordable choices for a weekend fun in Carlsbad.

Why IVF is a Good Option?


More and more people are taking a step towards IVF.  Over the years, it has been seen that couples find challenges in their personal life. It gets difficult to get pregnant or some or other issues prevail. It is true that IVF has turned out to be a tool that helps in overcoming Infertility with progressive Treatment

If you have no clue about this concept then you can talk to professionals like IVF Specialists in Mumbai or in your city. These experts will tell you about the options you can avail. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the commonly implemented assisted reproductive method and has aided thousands to realize their desires and dreams of parenthood. IVF is a four-step procedure that is made up of ovulation induction, the egg retrieval, then fertilization in a laboratory, and finally embryo transfer to the uterus of mother. The most apparent benefit of IVF treatment is that it caters previously infertile couples the chance to conceive kids of their own, but there are various added IVF benefits as well.

Certainly once you visit doctors at the Fertility Institute specialists, they would help you understand the procedure and find out if it is the right treatment for you. In case you have been undergoing trouble trying to conceive and would wish to find a safe and proper treatment that can assist you attain your goal, then you must talk to professionals. They are there to acquaint, guide and help you.

Hope in Lives

IVF can cater hope for patients going through many different causes of infertility. Females with damage or blockages in their fallopian tubes possess very low chances of getting pregnant in the absence of fertility treatment, but IVF can avoid this issue. Similarly males who have a low sperm count or problems with sperm motility may have trouble fertilizing their partner’s eggs. As the fertilization step is carried out outside the body during IVF procedure, it caters a solution that sidesteps the need for the male’s sperm to navigate the female’s reproductive area.

Similarly for the couples who are absolutely concerned about passing on genetic disorders or issues like chromosomal abnormalities to their offspring, IVF permits for pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS). PGS measures the health of the fertilized embryo by sequencing the DNA to find out if an abnormal chromosome is there.

Success rates are impressive

One cycle of IVF with just one embryo transferred and one extra cycle of one frozen embryo transfer has the additional effect of having the highest success degree with the lowermost multiple birth rate of any type of ART procedure. IVF might not work for everybody, but the cycle can be repetitive to make sure that the procedure is getting performed under the best conditions.


So, once you speak to IVF specialists, you can find out new options or possibilities for you. You need not to be disappointed when the concept of IVF is there. You can at least have a word with the medical experts and find out what they have to say about your case.

Filmywap 2018 | Easily Download Videos for free on Filmywap

Filmywap 2018

To download free 2017 and 2018 movies follow this simple and quick quide to easily use filmywap to download free videos.

What is filmywap ?

Filmywap is a free and legal site that allows you to download the latest Hindi movies, Bollywood Videos, Hollywood series and more all for free.

Who can use filmywap

Anybody with and android or PC can use filywap to download HD, MP4 and 3GP movies for free.

All you need is a good internet connection and enough storage 😉 .

How To Download Movies With Filmywap

To download movies on the filmywap website, follow these steps and you should have no problem .

  1. Open the main website with this URL .
  2. You will be taken straight to the filmywap homepage where you will be presentes with an array of content ready for downloading.
  3. Scroll down and click Filmywap video category . When that is done, you will be shown different video categories available for download.
  4. Look for your preferred category of movies and select the video you intend to download from filmywap by clicking on it.
  5. You will now be taken to the final page, here you will be shown a download link to use. Once you click the link, your video download process should begin and you should have your video ready in a matter of seconds (or minutes depending on your internet download speed ☺).
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Conclusion on filmywap

Downloading quality video content these days can be a very difficult task as most videos often come out in low quality.

What legal video download sites do you use?

Let’s have a conversation yo😊.

What video download sites do you use? Have you tried filmywap before?

I await your comments😉.

Source – techinary

Crack SAT Exam with Properly Developed Strategies

Crack SAT Exam with Properly Developed Strategies

One of the most important competitive exams that are approached by students in huge numbers is the SAT exam. But small scores will not help the students much to achieve their ambitions and objectives of pursuing higher studies. Rather, they need to get higher scores which will actually determine their future. The college board’s score reporting policy tends to make things crucial for the SAT applicants and compels them to work on the latest techniques to avail decent scores.

Factors to consider

Three major factors are said to be involved with college admission, namely standardized test scores, personal records and academic record. The latter two does require the students to put in plenty of consistent hard work for several years including smart preparations.

Although SAT exam is stated to be not that complicated, but the hype that surrounds it tends to make students quite nervous. hence, it will be wise to join a reputed coaching that will offer proper and in-depth sat in Bangalore. Also, there is a need to follow the expert proven techniques, methods and strategies, so as to come up with good SAT scores.

Techniques to follow

  • Start early: It will be essential to begin studies early to get prepared for the exam. Being vast, starting late will only make the student to panic and also to drop from the program just before the exam, for not being confident. Also, it is necessary to join the top coaching centers immediately after registering for the SAT exam, so as to get better foothold of the different subjects involved in it. The professionals will create a proper strategy and will teach how the vast subjects and topics are to be completed within time and revised thoroughly.
  • Time management: There are plenty of questions to be faced by the students in the actual exam. Attempting for the first time, it is quite obvious for all examinees to get completely confused and to panic. But the best sat coaching Bangalore will not allow this. During the course, they will take repeated mock tests, so that the students can better understand the exam pattern, devise new methods and techniques to provide correct answers to all questions within time.
  • Analyse weakness: The mock tests just does this part wonderfully. The questions left out and low scores clearly specify where the candidate is going wrong, what needs to be done and avoided. It can be clearly stated that the mock tests are actually an eye opener helping students to realize their wrong doings and not studying properly and in-depth.
  • Diligence and sincerity: Even though not much of a tough test, it does require a good amount of diligence and sincerity combined to qualify and get high scores. Hard work cannot be substituted with anything else. Hence, this particular aspect should be taken great care of.
  • Keeping proper notebook: It is important for students to jot down important Math formulas and English words in a notebook. This will help them to perform better, when compared to those relying upon their memory only.

In short, those who have followed the above steps and tips are likely to score well in the SAT exam.

Simple Ways in to Turn You Old Cothes to Boho Chic Ones

women tops online
women tops online

If you still haven’t gotten the hang of the bohemian style of dressing up, then it is high time that you did. Once you discover the boho chic style, there is no going back. You are bound to fall in love with the style of dressing up. It is so easy and carefree. Most importantly this style offers you the chance of looking great without having to wear tight and uncomfortable clothing. The boho chic is all about fee flowing clothes in vibrant colours and patterns. Originally you might have thought that the style id too complicated, but it is actually much easier than you think.

You can find a lot of women tops online to buy. But you can actually create this unique style at home with your old clothing and other articles itself. You can easily make these boho attires at home. Here are a few ideas:

  1. You can create a beautiful easy-sew tunic at home. You just need to get a boldly printed fabric and sew it together in a loose yet fitting way. The length of the tunic can be till the hips and the end can have an elastic band attached to it. The top part can be round or V-shaped while the back side can be designed on the form of an O. This top is perfect for any casual occasion and can be worn with your regular jeans.
  2. You can repurpose your sheets into nice long maxi skirts. If you have old sheets which have no stains on them, then you can use them. With a little bit of sewing, you can turn the clothing of your bed into a clothing of your own. The sheets are quite large for a single maxi skirt, so you can add ruffles with the extra piece left. You can even add lace to it to make it more exotic.
  3. A kimono is a perfect wear to attain the boho chic look and surprisingly it is also quite easy to make. You can get a beautifully patterned fabric and sew it into a very loosely fitting dress with long loose sleeves. Just add an elastic band at the waist area and your kimono dress will be ready.
  4. You will see that crochet is quite important part of the boho look. You can make a long crocheted cardigan easily. If you have a crocheted fabric already, then you just have to sew it to the top part of a matching cardigan. The long length of the cardigan makes it quite exotic.
  5. If you are good at knitting, then this one is perfect for you. Take out your yarns and knit a cute crocheted crop top. Don’t forget to add fringes at the end to create a beautiful boho chic look. You can wear this top at any casual or semi-formal events.
  6. You can get a brand new two piece outfit from just a simple skirt. Just cut the bottom part of the long skirt and turn it into a tube top. An outfit perfect for a nice summer day.

4 Best Tips to Protect Your Colored Hair

how to protect your color treated hair

Hair is the best possession of men and women both. If you have less hair or suffering from any hair problem, you are certainly a less fortunate one, because hair problems will always create a barrier on the way of having various hairstyles. So if you have a good and healthy hair, you can always have this query, how to protect your color treated hair?

However, coloring your hair is far from any good thing for hair. Whether the hair type is healthy, it should be avoided. Yet people love to have different types of colors on their hair and fashion it with the trend. So here we have listed the best tips for you on the same for your convenience.

  1. Maintain Quality

You always have to keep this in mind that you are maintaining the quality of the color you are about to apply on your hair. You have to find out the best salon or hairdresser for the same reason. You have to ask them if the color has a conditioning effect in it, otherwise, you should avoid it, because if the hair color has hair conditioning ingredient in it, the color will stay for a long time. Also ask for an ammonia free color as well, this will prove good for your hair and your hair will be less damaged. Make sure to maintain these points, and go for hair color. It will give your hair a shiny look.

  1. Avoid Sulfate

After you color, you have to ensure that you are using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner with your hair. Sulfate damages hair in a huge way, thus you have to avoid the same. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner also help you retain the color on your hair. It also has enhanced the risk of hair fall. So you should stay far from it. Sulfate shampoos do have the foaming effect but they are far from any help for the hair, and mostly for colored ones.

  1. Water Temperature

Try using normal temperature for water, while washing your hair. If you are using hot water on your hair, it’s time to stop that. Because hot water has a reverse effect on your roots and it will damage the hair more than you realize. If your hair is colored you must avoid using hot water for washing your hair. Because the effect of the hot water that falls on the hair cuticles, and then opens up. This very thing is always responsible for your hair color to wash away in days. So you have to take care of this matter.

  1. Wash Less

Colored hair shouldn’t be washed every day.  You can wash you less often than regularly. This will retain the color in your hair, and you will have less hair fall issues with the same. You can try washing your hair 2 o 3 times a week; it will be the best for the color.

Lastly, if you have dandruff in your hair, you can always Ketomac shampoo to get rid of that nuisance. This type of shampoo will always keep dandruff at bay and give you a healthy glow for your hair. You can always color and style your hair any way you want.

How to Start a Pharmaceutical Company


The advancements in science and technology are driving development in this industry, opening up new open doors for those hoping to begin their own business. Regardless of whether you need to make new medications or repurpose existing drugs, now is the best time to set up your organization. This won’t just expand your income yet in addition allow you to spare lives.

Assess Your Options

Study the market completely before you begin your pharmaceutical business and survey your choices. Contingent upon your objectives and spending plan, either you can market meds under your brand or begin a pharmaceutical organization with an assembling and manufacturing unit. Another choice is to collaborate with a medication maker. Recently funded Pharmaceutical companies in United-Kingdom are all teaming up with the drug manufacturer companies in order to create their space in the market.

There are diverse sorts of start-up pharmaceutical organizations, and every one of them have one of a kind qualities. For instance, you can start a pharmaceutical organization that fabricates and promotes its items. This alternative requires a generous speculation and broad printed material. In case you are on a constrained budget, think about beginning a pharmaceutical distribution business. Numerous entrepreneurs in this specialty begin little and grow their activities after some time. Some want to set up pharmaceutical establishments, which require a base speculation.

Make a Business Arrangement

Subsequent to choosing the sort of pharmaceutical business you will begin, it is indeed a great opportunity to create a strategy for success of your business. Consider the licenses and investment expected to start a pharmaceutical organization in your district or city or state. A pharmaceutical assembling and manufacturing organization, for example, will require a creation office, hardware and lab gear, specialized staff, machine labourers and office supplies. For this situation, getting FDA endorsement is principal. You will likewise require a HVAC unit, water and power. Settle on, whether assembling, preliminaries and distribution will be redistributed or happen in-house. Your marketable strategy ought to likewise cover other key angles, for example, financing, targets, aggressive examination and operational expenses. Research your rivals to see where they exceed expectations and what could be moved forward. Concentrate their plan of action and afterward attempt to think of something better. Decide if you need to launch a pharmaceutical organization all alone or team up with somebody. Attempt to make sense of what perspectives you can deal with yourself and what you will have to redistribute. Likewise, choose whether you need to contribute your very own cash or acquire from banks and financial institutions. Consider advertising costs too in your marketing strategy.

Build up Your Brand

When the recently funded Pharmaceutical companies in United-Kingdom are ready for an action, they make the strides expected to advance it. New Pharmaceutical companies typically experience serious difficulties getting their items before the therapeutic community. They are going up against enormous industry names with a set up notoriety. Consequently, it is basic that you completely inquire about the market and put intensely in publicizing. Everything from your logo to your image picture and site should be arranged in detail. Choose where and how you will advance your business. Is it accurate to say that you will concentrate on internet publicizing, TV ads or direct marketing? In the event that you can manage the cost of it, employ a PR office or set up together a promoting correspondences group. Remain over the most recent patterns in the pharma and therapeutic industry. Urge your staff to go to workshops and courses. These are great chances to interface with other industry experts and construct commonly helpful connections.

4 Industries Where 3D Printing Is Ripe To Be Deployed

3D printing

3D printing is all here as a revolutionary technology in improving our lives in infinite ways. It’s additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping features are yet to disrupt more industries and markets to gain predictability over products or process. Rapid prototyping, in particular, has already enabled several organizations to get appraisals, alterations, and iterations for ensuring quality and customer centricity for their products. 3D printing technology has by now been proven to be optimal for deploying in various industries to come up with better products at minimal cost and accelerated production.

The rise of advanced 3D printing technologies has fueled the efficacy for various product development process in organizations. 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping has become essential for supply chain environments to activate additive manufacturing in product design and manufacturing lifecycles.

Both 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping are capable of building models layer by layer from 3D design data being provided. However, there are many other significant features that distinguish both of these technologies. Several manufacturers switch between 3D printing and rapid prototyping in order to gain clarity over product manufacturing lifecycles.

3D printing technology has brought in a revolution in the manufacturing world by minimizing training requirements depending on the complexity of components and supporting structures. In rapid prototyping, the parameters aren’t much easy to adjust, thus it needs a great deal of training to use it. 3D printing is capable of building cutting-edge components, according to the required accuracy of the components. The time it takes to print a component depends on the accuracy level demanded by the product design. Creating a 3D design is this the most cost and time-consuming part in the additive manufacturing process. Once the design is created, producing parts in the 3D printer will get faster, cheaper and moreover easier to repeat the process.

Digital Dentistry

Additive manufacturing is shaping the future of the dental industry, by bringing together advanced scanners, software, and 3D printing solutions and materials. 3D printing technology has enabled a wide range of proven technologies and materials for allowing futuristic dental labs for accelerated workflows, efficiency, and precision in serving patients.

Healthcare Industry

Many leading healthcare organizations in India are getting to leverage the power of 3D printing technology in their environments in order to enable better precision and quality in various critical medical or surgical processes. 3D printing enabled additive manufacturing is utilized by many futuristic entrepreneurs for developing customized medical devices and other surgical counterfeits for the unique needs of patients. The 3D technology created a revolution in the healthcare industry for optimizing speed and cost in medical interventions.

The additive manufacturing industry is emerging in order to aid the healthcare industry with solutions for developing medical equipment and facilitating case-specific research and training. Many healthcare institutions have integrated AI technologies and Cloud-based Big Data with 3D printing in order to improve accuracy across critical healthcare processes.

Durables Manufacturing

3D printing technology has evolved its application beyond rapid prototyping in the manufacturing industry. It is instrumental in many supply chain manufacturing for customized, lifetime durable, products. The constant quest of the new age manufacturing industries for early delivery of unique and customized products in the market can be accomplished with 3D printing technology.

The technology’s rapid improvements have fueled the growth of manufacturing companies with unique industries and production budgets to activate better connectivity and product customization in their product design and manufacturing lifecycles. 3D technology’s greatest capability lies in giving manufactures with a leading edge sophistication in every aspect of the supply chain. The durable goods manufacturing industry is about to make a major leap in various processes such as product integration, reverse engineering, quality inspection, and tool modeling.

Automotive Industry

More than 80 percent of globally leading automotive companies have already implemented large-scale 3D enabled additive manufacturing in their environments to optimize the productivity of various parts and reduce inventory costs. The current challenges in the automotive industry such as environmental regulations, rising prices of raw materials and the crucial need for shorter time-to-market can be met with an effective 3D printing facility.

Many of the 3D printing in Mumbai are sought out by several midget automobile parts manufacturers for availing rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing to develop light-weight parts to drive down manufacturing costs. 3D printing technology also helps the automobile industry to design and manufacture effective automobile parts that add to the efficiency and capability in their production lifecycles.


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