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Bulk SMS is the new marketing solution

The short message service, also known as SMS  is a service that allows you to send text messages to and from mobile devices. One can find many options for bulk SMS providers in Mumbai who are reliable and give the best quality service. They aim at sectors with a high volume of clients such as Government institutions including CFE, insurers, banks, travel agencies, catalog companies, retailers, service companies, etc. require bulk SMS services in Mumbai for increasing sales and returns and promotion purposes.

SMS is a means of promotion for the brand, commonly including offers, promotions and invitations to events.  It is one of the most used mobile marketing techniques by advertising companies because it immediately reaches the customers.

This platform provides with the highest capacity and speed of delivery. Ideal for notification, transactional, marketing and collections projects, especially those with a high volume of shipments with high volume of requirements at the integration, user, reporter, functionality, service levels and 7x24x365 support levels.

Their features include:

  • Ability to send more than 1 million messages per hour.
  • Delivery speed less than average 1s in transactional route
  • Optional delivery confirmation
  • Multi-operator, works with all operators, including virtual ones
  • 1 way, 2 way, conversational and bot services
  • Integration API / SDK components
  • Security for the operation and processing of messages.
  • Certified connectivity by mobile phone providers. Real-time information on the service

 The service providers typically have a delivery guarantee, a large delivery capacity, high-speed delivery routes (for transactional SMS as banking alerts), value-added services such as banking core connectors, CRMs, management systems, the possibility of connecting bots or chat.

When a prospect has already shown interest in the brand or is already a customer, it is much more economical and will have better effects to reach him a communication directed to the medium that most consult – your cell phone- and personalized according to the knowledge we already have.

This is where Marketing via text messages is one of the main strategies of mobile marketing, has its greatest effect: the re-targeting of interested prospects or recurring customers is also known as inbound marketing. Text messages can be a great plus for your digital marketing strategy, regardless of the type of business or company. They make the function of communicating very urgent information in a highly effective way.

Typical usage examples by industry include:

  • Banks – credit increase placement or interest-free month plans, when the customer makes a purchase
  • Retail – invitation to night sale, special night, good-value discounts
  • Supermarkets – sending coupons in special seasons, or when making purchases
  • Services – upselling services, seasonal offers, discounts for prompt payment
  • Automobiles – invitation to launch new products or branches
  • Food – sending coupons to order at a discount, on days and times most prone to conversion

Bulk SMS service in Mumbai helps you to deliver the business offers and important notifications, events directly to your customer’s pocket. Bulk SMS is a powerful way to reach more targeted audience locally. They provide filtered database for bulk SMS campaigns in Mumbai. One can customize their audience by area, profession, salary scale, age and nationality etc.

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