Detailed La Liga Point Table

Detailed La Liga Point Table


The busy season of the Spanish championship has come to its logical conclusion. It was remembered by many really interesting confrontations, due to which the situation in the La Liga point table changed regularly.

This is an absolutely regular situation, because there is a tough competition not only in the fight for the title, but also for entering the European Cup zone, as well as for keeping the place in the elite division. For Atletico Madrid, the season turned out to be quite ambiguous. On the one hand, they held a confident second place in the standings, but on the other, they demonstrated unsuccessful performance in the cup tournaments, as well as the lack of real competition in the fight for the title.

In the final point table of La Liga championship, the Mattress Makers seriously fell behind Barcelona and could challenge the squad of Valverde only in the first part of the season.


In the long run, Atletico didn’t look so convincingly as in individual matches, which in the end did not allow the team to apply for something more. Plus, most of the face-to-face matches with direct competitors were played poorly.

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The club had a number of ambiguous transfers (Kalinich, Lemar) and also had to face the fact that many team leaders frankly lost their skills. First of all, it is about Godin and Diego Costa. The first leaves the squad of the Mattress Makers this summer, but whether the latter remains, for the time being, is an unsolved issue. The forward plays too dirty, and if, in the past, he was distinguished by a fairly good performance, then this season his performance dropped sharply. On the website of sports statistics, you can personally make sure of this.

However, not everything is so bad in the club from the capital of Spain. Alvaro Morata played quite well in the new team, other players consistently demonstrate high class, too:

  • Griezmann;
  • Oblak;
  • Gimenez.

This list can go on and on. Moreover, among the pros of the team is more attacking style of football, which it began to acquire since Diego Simeone joined it.

Of course, it is extremely difficult to fight at a long tournament distance against Barcelona, ​​but the personnel potential of the Mattress Makers is also quite good, which can become a decisive factors in the fight for the title. The club management understands this, too, so it intends to be active in the transfer market in the summer.

On the fscore website, you can always find the results of the matches of the club, as well as the schedule of their upcoming games. It is always interesting to watch Atletico games, and this concerns not only fights in the international arena, but also in the domestic La Liga.


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