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Fortnight Season 9: Visit To Solar Array on Snow, Jungle and Desert

It’s almost time for the 9th week Fortnite’s Season 9 challenge. So it’s time for us to prepare for the 10th season. Week 9 has given a bit of break to all the players to get in tunes with the challenges that have been kept fairly easy. 

The only difficult part of the game is to visit the solar array panels which are located in various biomes which are placed throughout the game. 

If you have played Fortnite before you are most likely to know where to head to. But in case you are lost and don’t know where to go, we have a few pointers that will help you survive.

Know the Challenge

This is a three-layered challenge which involves visiting more than one solar array location. You do not have to do this in separate matches. 

Going with the Challenge

So how do you get on with the wild? Let’s take a look.

The solar array placed in the snow can be discovered in the right just next to the Frosty Flights. You can also see it on the map as and when you land. 

The array of the desert is in the West of the Paradise Palms right in the front of the mansion located on the far East of the map. 

The final array is located right in the Jungle and can be found in the Northwest if Sunny Steps and on the East of the Lazy Lagoon. You can look it up on the map as well. It’s really tough to miss this. 

After you find all the solar array you will have two choices. Either you can make up your mind to finish the game or you can back out to finish the channel. 

Once you achieve these aims you will get that much closer to completing the list of Week 9 challenge list. 

However, if you are looking for more challenges you can always consult the full list of Week 9 challenges to identify what all you have missed. You will need to complete these or you can simply go back to the main menu and prepare for the next challenge. 

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