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How To Choose The Best Scratching Post For Your Cat

Have you ever wondered how important it is for a cat to sharpen its nails? For our feline friends, this action is an essential necessity. But why is scratching so important to them? Basically for three reasons:

It is a physical necessity: cats’ nails are made up of several layers that grow and by scratching they manage to remove the excess layer. While cats walk, their nails are hidden and for this reason, they cannot wear them down. The rear toenails are removed by mouth, but they need to scratch to remove the front ones.

To mark the territory: cats are very territorial animals and they need to mark their area, this they do both scratching and impregnating their smell through the interdigital glands located in the pads of their paws.


As a colophon, nail scratching also serves to tone the muscles of your body through the stretches they have to do to scratch. It is a good formula for cats since while they take care of their nails they are also getting in shape.

It is best to facilitate this operation if we do not want our furniture to be damaged. It is also important that the nails are cut regularly, but even so by instinct, it will continue to scratch if it does not have a place to do, so the advantage of having a scraper is to offer you a suitable object for it.

Therefore, it is best to find a scraper that fits you. When you finish the post you will be an expert in scrapers! Also, here you have Laura on our Kiwoko TV channel who explains the advantages of having a scraper at home. Do not forget to subscribe, as you will be up to date with all the kitty tips. Buy cat tree

Which scraper should I choose?

There are countless scrapers of different types on the market. They are usually made of sisal rope, but there are many other materials and a wide range of textures: stuffed animal, plush, wicker, etc.

Ideally, the scraper should have a vertical position, high but stable, and with a rough surface, and you should choose it depending on the space and characteristics of the animal you have at home:

For small houses

If you don’t have much room, look for a basic post-type scraper. It is the most common scraper, it consists of a high pole with a base to stabilize it. With these scratchers, your cat will be able to fully stretch by standing on its hind legs.


For large houses and homes with more than one cat

If space isn’t an issue and you want to provide your cat with a mini amusement park in addition to a place to sharpen her nails, go for a scratcher with accessories. This type of scraper is also ideal for sharing among several cats.

For curious and intrepid cats

These scratchers have particularity in relation to the previous ones that cats love: a hole to enter and exit or to hide in there. They have a lot of fun, so if your cat is an adventurer and an explorer he will like a cave scratcher.

For kittens and senior cats

If your cat is a little older, he will surely prefer a flat scraper for simple comfort. These carpet- type scratching boards are also best suited for kittens, as their mugs are usually softer and do not exert as much pressure when scratching. This type of scraper reduces the chances of damage.

Do you already know which scraper is best for you? Then you only have to find the perfect space to place it if possible where:

The cat enjoys a social life.

Have the scraper when you need it.

Stay close to the area where you usually spend the most time.

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