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How to Create a Poll on Facebook

In today’s article, I will show you how to do a poll on Facebook and all the benefits you will get by giving your followers a voice.

Social networks are, as the name implies, a space for social interaction. People want to participate and make their voices heard.

The time when consumers were mere spectators is over. Today they want to be taken into account and feel part of the decisions made by their favorite brands.

What better way to find out their opinion and make them feel heard than by asking them directly through a poll?

In the following points, we will see how to do a simple poll with the options offered by Facebook by default and another more complex one using a free application.

But first, let’s stop to analyze several points that you have to keep in mind about the polls on Facebook.

How to create an Effective Facebook poll?

The poll model that I taught you will help you gain more interactions with your publication like you never dreamed of before. Creating a poll on a Facebook page: Increase the level of range and interactions. You can know the tastes and preferences of your fans to make sales publications more effective. It is a more striking type of content since it predisposes your fans to give their opinion.

Aspects to consider before making a poll on Facebook

Before we get down to work and see how to do a poll on Facebook, we must take into account several aspects.

The default polls offered by Facebook are dichotomous. That is, you ask the respondent to select between two alternatives.

This option has limited statistical utility. But it can be used to get quick feedback on simple questions or to add humor to your profile with a poll with GIFs.

If you want to carry out a more complex poll, with several types of questions and a higher level of personalization, you have to rely on an external application (we will see it below).

Both options for Facebook polls, regardless of their complexity, must be limited by time so that their results reflect the opinion of your audience at a specific moment.

The 2 Ways to Create Facebook polls

There are 2 ways to do polls on Facebook, the traditional one that Facebook offers you and the one that I usually use that is much more effective, I will explain both options for you to try yourself.

Steps to create a fan page poll (Traditional)

It is a simple option to apply, but sadly it does not have much scope. Many “Gurus” recommend it but I will teach you a much better method, however, it is always good to learn how to do it, Facebook often tends to increase the reach of certain types of publications, this option may be the best one at a time.

That happened with the Gifs, now we are in the golden age of the videos, one day this function may be one of the best.

  • Go to your Facebook page and click on “Create Post”
  • Enter the option that says ” poll” and a window will appear.
  • Add a description to get the fans’ attention.
  • Enter 2 Questions in the boxes (Option 1 and Option 2)
  • Add an image or Gif in each box so that the publication stands out in the news section of your fans.
  • Determine the duration of the accounts, if you choose 1 week, the poll will be valid only for 7 days.
  • Publish or Schedule your Facebook poll.

Disadvantages when carrying out this type of poll

  • You can only ask 2 questions, which is quite limited in some cases.
  • Its range is very low, if you have a few fans it is not even worth doing.

Steps to Create a True Facebook poll with More Than 2 Options (Optimized)

This model I have been polishing over time, I learned it a while ago and I have been perfecting it. I am completely sure that it will help you in your business in a quite effective way. First I will show you the final result and explain it to you Let’s get started!

Interactions of a Publication as a form of Response

  • As you can see I use Facebook reactions to generate interactions with the publication and at the same time get a response from the fans in this way I can know what they want.
  • Do not use the “Like” as a type of response, there are always people who like a publication by reflex and if you used it as an option you could get less accurate information.
  • Don’t use “Me Angry” is a type of negative reaction and a post with a lot of anger makes me look ugly.
  • Option to Comment
  • People will generally always comment, but adding this option further encourages comments. You could use 3 options, it is also valid.

poll on facebook

Advantages of this poll model

  • You can do a Facebook poll with several options (up to 4 questions) to obtain relevant information
  • Your reach is much higher due to the greater amount of interactions you get.
  • You can earn more fans by inviting them directly for interactions.

Disadvantages of this model

  • You need to know something about design to make them.
  • You cannot use Gifs to do polls, even if you know how to do them in programs like Photoshop. Facebook canceled the option to upload Gifs a long time ago (a pity).

Ideas for creating Facebook Polls

Any good excuse to do a poll and be interested in the opinion of your followers. Therefore, imagination is the limit. So that you have some idea to start conducting polls on your Facebook page, I leave you the following options:

  • Ask for opinions for future launches or decisions in your business.
  • Ask about your favorite product or service.
  • Create expectations for an upcoming launch, discounts, events, or giveaways on Facebook.
  • Modify the tone of your communication with a fun poll dealing with a current topic with a humorous touch.
  • Promotions and discounts for certain products.
  • The Products and/or services with the most acceptance of your business.
  • Do you make raffles? Ask what your Prize fans want
  • Involve your fans in your business decisions (New flavors, models, colors)

 Benefits of doing Facebook polls

  • Knowing what your target audience thinks is always positive. But in addition to knowing their needs better and being able to adapt your message and offer, you will get the following advantages when doing Facebook polls:
  • It is a striking content that will be well received by your followers. As we said before, we want to be considered as consumers and followers of a brand.
  • Increase your community’s commitment to your brand. You make it clear that the opinion of your followers is important to you, generating in them the feeling of belonging to your community.
  • You will reach more users through interaction with the publication. Facebook’s algorithm will interpret your post as relevant to your followers and increase its organic visibility. Also, if you invite to share the poll the impact will be amplified.
  • You will discover the opinion of your fans and their degree of satisfaction with your product/service or the perception they have of your brand. As we said at the beginning, knowing the opinion of your fans will allow you to adapt to their needs.
  • Promote and involve your fans in your next releases. Asking the opinion of your fans about upcoming releases, you will find out which ones are best received and will mark the beginning of the promotion.
  • It is a source of feedback and feedback with your community.

Benefits that Facebook polls bring to your social media communication strategy

As I mentioned at the beginning, polls can help you in your communication strategy with your community, it is a fun way thanks to which your community can interact with your brand:

  • This type of content is very striking (even more if you use GIFs instead of static images)
  • Increase engagement with your community (interaction with your brand)
  • By interacting with your post, you will see organic reach increase more than you are used to seeing.
  • And here the most important point, it can help you to get to know your audience better, giving them to choose between two options, we can find out the preferences, being able to better identify the needs of your community.

 What can I use Facebook polls for?

Here are some examples to inspire you and start using this type of publication in your strategy.

  • Find out which is the favorite product of your fans.
  • Involve customers in your new products or services (for example, the new flavor of our potatoes will be: fried egg or roast chicken )
  • If you plan to do a promotion, but do not know that your community may be more interested, ask them (for example, what do you prefer, a 2 × 1 in our merchandising or an x% discount?)


polls are a powerful tool to involve your community in your business, with this you will make them feel more identified with your brand, thus improving the sales of your product or service, “there is no better seller than a satisfied customer”. polls may or may not have an “expiration date” (as long as you choose the “never” option). You can add your Facebook BOT to this strategy to convert active fans into subscribers to your BOT.

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