Wednesday, September 22

How to Improve Your Car’s Horsepower in 3 Easy Steps

There’s nothing like the thrill of a fast car. Whether you’re a race enthusiast or just like to hear the throttle of an engine with lots of horsepower, here are three easy steps to improve your car’s horsepower. With all the rush of aftermarket accessories, don’t forget about the basics. Remember to choose the right oil filter with this helpful oil filter guide.

Add a Cold Air Intake

The go-to aftermarket mod for most car’s is a new high-performance cold air intake. Cold air means dense air, and denser air provides more power for your engine. This alone can improve the airflow of your car as much as 3 time the factory levels.

Choose a New Exhaust Header and Manifold

Whether you choose a short header or long tube, there are plenty of aftermarket headers and manifolds to improve your ride. You’ll not only enjoy more horsepower, you’ll also get a boost in torque. Shop for an aftermarket exhaust that’s still street legal and is designed for your make, model and year of vehicle for effective performance and an easy fit.

Choose between a short or long header for a distinct ride. A short header, or shorty, improves your horsepower while keeping your RPMs low. A long-tube header, on the other hand, is best when you’re running at mid-to-high RPMs.

Go High-Tech

Sometimes, technology is the best answer. If you want maximum performance without getting your hands dirty, sometimes a new chip or program can make all the difference. Use a performance chip to alter the ignition timing advance, fuel-to-air ratio or other horsepower-boosting features.

If you’re ready to take your horsepower game to the next level, stop by your local auto store or shop online. Online shopping provides a wider range of products and discounts. From promotional exhaust systems to car battery coupons, you can find all the OEM and aftermarket parts you need.

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