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How to view Private Instagram Profile without Following

After Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is becoming popular among people. A lot of people get huge popularity on Instagram by having more number of followers and likes. Most of the people buy IG followers, likes and views to increase their influence. Instagram let users make their profile private. If you are viewing someone’s Instagram, you would be able to see his/her posts, profile picture, and her updates. But what if you are viewing private Instagram? The posts and profile picture is hidden from the public. But if you want to know how to view private Instagram profiles without following, the below described ways are best for viewing private Instagram.

Mostly there are many tools available online that assure the ways to view a private Instagram profile by simple methods. But usually, these methods are not really genuine. As they leak out your personal data by grabbing your passwords and user name. So if you are wise you will not leak your data in searching viewing private Instagram of others. Still, some of the sites are reliable and you can go with these sites to get your work done without any loss. Also, one thing must be noticed here that privacy can’t be done via computer, it is done by using a smartphone.

Best tools for viewing private Instagram

All of the above-mentioned applications are best and an easy way for viewing private Instagram. These are the most reliable one and give you the best answer of how to view a private Instagram profile. The simple steps you have to follow after getting into the site are:

1.    Enter the user name in the given space whose profile you want to see.

2.    Submit the user name to clicking on search.

3.    Prove that you are not a bot by going through the Captcha.

4.    All you are done now can see the private Instagram profile.

Some tools also give the option to download the videos and picture from online, whether you select it or not, it’s up to you.

Follow private Instagram by the third person

Most of the people are in the confusion that how to view private Instagram profile but the simplest method is that you just have to add a person who is in connection with that person directly. Then you can look for his comments, likes and the person he is flowing with any private Instagram. Also, you can see the post and profile of a private Instagram if the person you are following is tagged in his post. This seems the simplest and easy method for viewing a private Instagram. If you are not satisfied with it you can follow the above-mentioned methods too.


The basic issue is that how to view a private Instagram profile or how to view private Instagram profile. To resolve this basic issue of most of the people we have summarized the best possible methods here. But most preferably and ethically it is the right way to ask that person directly about his/her account but if that person is not accessible, you can ask a friend of him/her. But if the entire efforts are all in vain, go for the third method. If it does not work you can follow other methods that are most feasible to you.

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