Kegel Exercise in Pregnancy- Know Details About It

Kegel Exercise in Pregnancy- Know Details About It


Kegel exercise is often heard off but these are still not popular in many places. It is said that Kegels can strengthen a woman’s pelvic muscles. It is said that Kegels are helpful during pregnancies. But do they really work? This article will help you to learn about all the nooks and facts of Kegel exercise and they’re worth in pregnancies.

 Kegel Exercise

It was invented by the doctor of the same name. It is a type of pelvic floor exercises that are done by squeezing and relaxing the pelvic muscles and the muscles of genital areas. These muscles offer support to bladder, uterus and intestine and rectum. The daily dose of kegel during pregnancy is beneficial. Even after giving birth kegel can do wonders.  It helps to build endurance, the strength of pelvic muscles.


Kegel has many benefits-

  • Often women face the problem of uncontrollable urine during or after pregnancy. This happens because the bladders become loose with a vaginal birth. This is known as urinary incontinence or the problem of passing urine as soon as you feel the argue.  There are also cases of stress incontinence or urine leaking while laughing, sneezing or coughing.  Kegel pregnancy exercises are beneficial in these cases. It adds strength to the bladder and provides better control.
  • Vaginal childbirth may cause the collapse of organs like uterus, urethra, and bowel. Doctors can recommend kegel.
  •  Kegel exercises in pregnancy period also help to gain control over bladder and bowel movement.

 How to Do It

At first, lie down and become comfortable. As time passes, you can do them while sitting or standing. Next, hold your pelvic muscles for a few seconds. Increase the time to 10 seconds. The contraction will become stronger with time. Do this several times. After those contractions hold the squeeze till three seconds and then relax. You need to repeat this whole process for a few rounds. You can increase the intensity of the exercise with time.  You need to do each step correctly for at least 6 weeks to feel the result.

According to experts, women usually gain more control over their bowel and bladder after doing Kegels for 12 weeks.


  • Do not practice kegel while you are urinating. Because it can prevent your bladder to fully release the stored urine.
  • Do not hold breath while you do kegel
  • Never give strain to your abdominal and buttock muscles while doing kegel. It is all about the pelvic floor muscles. Never overdo it.
  • Practice regularly. Your doctor or instructor will give advice on how many sets you need to do.

Tips for Pregnant Women

  •  Consult a doctor before starting kegel. Your doctor will be able to understand if you can do kegel while sitting or you need to lie down.
  • Start kegel from your second trimester.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions.

 It is clear that kegel can be important to allow better control over your uterus, pelvic muscles, and bladder. Pregnant women can also do it. But kegel needs to be done with the advice of a well-experienced health care expert. Another thing you need to remember is that regular practice in the correct way is the only key to success.

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