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Looking Forward to Joining the Merchant Navy? Give this Article a Read.

What is Merchant navy?

Merchant navy is the vital bone of the International trade, transferring cargo everywhere in the world. The merchant ships have many employees for the work on the ship, delivering and carrying goods from one place to another. Without the Merchant navy, the trade-related to export and import would come to a crashing halt.

Merchant navy is a rare career choice, and there are some things that you should consider before taking up the Merchant Navy Training.

1. Right Qualification:

Just like any other job, you need a particular kind of knowledge and skills for the work, including the qualification. Considering the type of job, it is, you need to have the right skill set to work under this line of work.

2. Choose the Right Job:

Before jumping to the conclusion of finalizing it as your career job, you should really understand and consider the pros and cons of the job. The job obviously needs hard work, and before going all-in, you should know the pros and cons. Just for example, if your con includes something about your health, then you might struggle on board or worse, might have to switch job and start from scratch.

And then, there is a different kind of jobs on the ship.

You should gather the knowledge and apply for the one which suits you or for the thing you are good at.

Maritime Training programmes offer a lot of a different kind of job – from technical to non-technical professionals. The jobs that are available and might interest you are Radio officers, chiefs, captains, able-bodied seamen first mate and second mate.

3. Health and Fitness

The marine job is kind of a job which tests you both, physically and mentally. It is vital to be fit and ready physically and mentally for the different situations you might face on board.
You won’t be selected if you are not considered by the examiner fit.

4. Negligible Social Life

As you will be spending most of your time on the ship, you might not have much time on land and thus around new people. If you are an extrovert who need regular human interaction and find it difficult to be away from happening social life, then you must consider some other job with social life facility.

Other than these points, it is mandatory that to qualify for the Maritime Training programmes, the person who is applying for merchant navy should not have any criminal past or record.
If the applicant does have any such past or record, then she or he will not be eligible to join the merchant navy.

Merchant navy is a well-paid and profitable career option, and for the person who follows every necessary step needed to be primarily, it is one of the finest job options. However, as we know, each and every coin has two different sides. So, choose the career of merchant navy wisely and consider every pro and con in case you are planning to join the merchant navy.

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