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Mistakes that you Should Not Do in Guest Blogging

If you have already made up your mind to step in the world of guest blogging then you have to do proper research first. There is no point of getting into this strategy or field if you are not informed. Of course, more and more businessmen are making use of guest blogging for boosting their business but the sad reality is that they do more harm than any good. Certainly guest blogging is a gem for those who do it rightly but is a sin for the ones who randomly put efforts. The point is clear; you have to be careful about the steps you take and moves you make.

If you take help of the best guest post services for your guest posting tasks then you might never experience any bloopers or errors. However, if you are doing it all yourself then you need to be beware of mistakes and errors that the guest bloggers make.  What is the point if you are putting efforts, spending time and doing expenditure but things are not working out for you? Indeed, following are a few mistakes that you have to avoid for guest blogging.

Not linking up to a landing page

A landing page is always going to be the most effective and efficient way to convert the browsers into readers and of course the readers into your subscribers. Every single guest post you do without linking it to a landing page can result in a loss.  Of course, once you link up your pages with a landing page, you would definitely find a great rise in the number of your subscribers. The main rule of a landing page that always work is that it has to have only one goal, and that goal can’t be attained with your chief blog. Your landing page can be helpful for you to accelerate your blog development. Certainly it can help you get subscribers, the page can direct visitors to take a specific action, but it should have one specific goal and there has to be no type of distractions.

Are you skipping the momentum?

Have you ever gotten any of your guest post published on an influential and big blog?   Well if the answer is yes then how many more guest posts have you actually published after that post? Well, the point is you have to keep on publishing stuff on different platform. Just because you got lucky today it does not mean you would be lucky every day. If you want the luck to spell on you every day then you have to keep the momentous going. You cannot write a few blogs once in a blue moon. Come on, you have to keep on posting blogs as often as you can. It would be ideal to post blogs at least three times a week. In this way you would make a strong place for yourself and the momentum will go on. Remember, no matter how massive number of subscribers you get after your first post got published on a big blog; if you are not continuing the momentous, you might find a huge drop in the subscribers joining your blog in consequent days.

The point is that the first guest post is the great deal, but there is no point of resting after that. Keep on submitting more and more posts until you are acquainted with the blog, and over time you might even get invited to be a regular provider. Who knows your momentum gets you the boons you desire for and deserve! Certainly, not all the posts you write are going to perform equally. You have to search out what works, and you then pen down more of it.  It is on you to find out what is working wonders for you and what isn’t.  And if you feel that it is just about traffic only then that is not the case. It is also about those thousands of people who would see your name repeatedly and they might start to trust you, and you never know that you might need their assistance or favours someday.  After all, at times, it is more important to work on your reach than the hits.

Don’t limit your approach or you might be doing a mistake

How exactly do you write your guest posts? Well, the point is you should not have any answer to this question.  It is because there is no answer to this question. There are plenty of approaches to guest blogging, and restricting yourself to just one might cost you traffic, readers and of course exposure. Here the approaches that do matter are like approach towards the types of blogs you are targeting. For example, if you have always targeted big blogs so far it is time to pick the blogs that are small. You can pick the random small blogs that have a relation with your niche or industry and you have no clued how they can also boost your Subscribers.   There is no need to stick to just one approach; you should go ahead there and look for more, learn from the professionals! After all, the more you explore and implement the better you attain and get.

Do you have no plans regarding guest blogging?

Guest blogging is presently the most over-hyped marketing technique of the moment. Everyone believes it is productive, so they rush into this area and give up a couple of weeks after not getting results. Well, remember that guest blogging is not only about getting published, but about having a plan and sticking to it. It is no longer about just getting your posts published but also about knowing what you are doing and why you are doing.  Tactful people write guest posts that give results for months and even years. Beginners cannot because they don’t know how guest blogging really works.

Thus, once you have all these mistakes in mind you can avoid them for sure. Even if you are taking help of guest blogging services, it is good to know about the mistakes that bloggers make in guest blogging.

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