Friday, January 21

Simple Ways in to Turn You Old Cothes to Boho Chic Ones

If you still haven’t gotten the hang of the bohemian style of dressing up, then it is high time that you did. Once you discover the boho chic style, there is no going back. You are bound to fall in love with the style of dressing up. It is so easy and carefree. Most importantly this style offers you the chance of looking great without having to wear tight and uncomfortable clothing. The boho chic is all about fee flowing clothes in vibrant colours and patterns. Originally you might have thought that the style id too complicated, but it is actually much easier than you think.

You can find a lot of women tops online to buy. But you can actually create this unique style at home with your old clothing and other articles itself. You can easily make these boho attires at home. Here are a few ideas:

  1. You can create a beautiful easy-sew tunic at home. You just need to get a boldly printed fabric and sew it together in a loose yet fitting way. The length of the tunic can be till the hips and the end can have an elastic band attached to it. The top part can be round or V-shaped while the back side can be designed on the form of an O. This top is perfect for any casual occasion and can be worn with your regular jeans.
  2. You can repurpose your sheets into nice long maxi skirts. If you have old sheets which have no stains on them, then you can use them. With a little bit of sewing, you can turn the clothing of your bed into a clothing of your own. The sheets are quite large for a single maxi skirt, so you can add ruffles with the extra piece left. You can even add lace to it to make it more exotic.
  3. A kimono is a perfect wear to attain the boho chic look and surprisingly it is also quite easy to make. You can get a beautifully patterned fabric and sew it into a very loosely fitting dress with long loose sleeves. Just add an elastic band at the waist area and your kimono dress will be ready.
  4. You will see that crochet is quite important part of the boho look. You can make a long crocheted cardigan easily. If you have a crocheted fabric already, then you just have to sew it to the top part of a matching cardigan. The long length of the cardigan makes it quite exotic.
  5. If you are good at knitting, then this one is perfect for you. Take out your yarns and knit a cute crocheted crop top. Don’t forget to add fringes at the end to create a beautiful boho chic look. You can wear this top at any casual or semi-formal events.
  6. You can get a brand new two piece outfit from just a simple skirt. Just cut the bottom part of the long skirt and turn it into a tube top. An outfit perfect for a nice summer day.

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