Taylor Swift Confirmed Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez! But This Is Certainly Not True!

Taylor Swift Confirmed Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez! But This Is Certainly Not True!


Look what you’ve done! Look what you did her! Swiper is persuaded that Justin Bieber was subtly shadowed by Taylor Swift in a Tumblr post that said he cheated her “best friend.” The post was made after Justin gave Taylor an apology for his Instagram for the defense of Scooter Braun in her competition with the music director, who wrote, in part, “Our differences, hurt and trust have not been communicated as years have gone. So it is not fair for you to bring it into social media and make individuals hate scooters. “We did not have to convey our disagreements ‘” The Tumblr article, published by the user.

We haven’t had to share our disagreements, you tricked her best friend and then openly sided with the guy who created vengeance porn (Kanye West) to call you over for tea???? Here’s F**k outta.

Taylor’s Tumblr page still likes the post. After watching the proof, fans were freaking but laughing mostly that they all knew the supposed cheat. “Yeah, Selena A LONG did that some time ago,” tweeted one fan. “And so, the event began when Taylor posted a long open letter on Tumblr, having found out that Scooter purchased Big Machine Records and now owns her full music catalog, until her 2017 republic album.

It all came to the fore, but we all realized he really did. She called the “worst-case scenario” and she wrote that she “was gross and sad.” The constant, manipulative harassment I’ve been receiving at his hands for years was all I could think of.

In a November 2015 interview with a magazine, Justin said that he cheated on Selena. “We worked out how to be in a partnership, how to be ourselves, who we were, with individuals evaluating the relation through the media,” he informed the magazine. “I really believe that my head was messing up too. Because then, it’s like confidence and all that other stuff begins to mess with your mind. You are on the highway. You are on the highway. And on the highway, there are lovely females. And you get into trouble just.”

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