Interior décor is something that has the power to transform the entire appearance of a home. The good thing is, when you add a vinyl or a wool flag tapestry in your home, this has the power to give your home a vintage and unique touch along with a patriotic feeling. When talking about wooden wall art, it is a new trend to flaunt reclaimed wood décors in homes, especially something different like wooden American flag wall décors.

These unique pieces of art can transform the look of any interior space, and they give people in a home the best chance to display their patriotic sides. The good thing about reclaimed wooden American flags is they add a unique and vintage touch to homes. They come with the best details and give homes a patriotic touch.

If you wish to display one of these in your home, then here are the top 10 state flags you should consider displaying in your home.

1. South Carolina Flag

In terms of design, the South Carolina flag stands out as the most distinctive and simple one, with a palmetto tree, as well as a crescent moon in a dark blue background. What makes this a unique choice is that it dates back to the year 1775. This was a time when Colonel William Moultrie commissioned the design for the troops in South Carolina at the time of the famous, revolutionary war.

1.	South Carolina Flag

2. The Texas State Flag

This is one of the most famous and recognizable state flags, which features a “lone star,” with blue, wide vertical stripes and five-pointed stars at their header end, along with single red and white horizontal stripes. The origins of this flag date back to the once, but the short-lived Republic of Texas, from the years 1879-1933. It is similar to the United States flag in its colors, where blue represents loyalty, red represents bravery, and white represents purity and the Lone Star for the States independence and unity from Mexico. At American Echoes, it stands out as a unique reclaimed wood flag with a classic, vintage touch to it.

The Texas State Flag

3. Arizona State Flag

The Arizona State flag is also a unique one that features about 13 alternating rays of yellow and red colors with liberty blue in the bottom half, along with a copper-colored star in its center. The blue color also represents the Colorado River, and the star represents the copper industry of the state. The 13 rays actually represent 13 colonies. Yellow and red colors actually represent the Spain flag and the years that Mexico was actually a part of the Mexican territory.

Arizona State Flag

4. New Mexico State Flag

Amongst all the other flags, this is the only one that does not feature the blue color. It has an ancient Zia sun in red, in a central yellow field. The arms represent the four directions, four times of a day, four seasons, and four stages of life along with the circle in the center that binds the elements together.

New Mexico State Flag

5. Oklahoma State Flag

This flag features seven eagle feathers against a sky-blue field, an Osage Nation buffalo-skin shield with the name of the state in the center underneath in block letters. It is a unique flag; you should definitely consider displaying in your American home.

Oklahoma State Flag

6. North Carolina Flag

Similar to the Lone Star flag, this flag has a blue vertical field along with wide blue and white stripes. Compared to the Texas flag, this has familiar stars, but it has the alphabets N and C to the sides of the star. This is also a great addition to homes.

North Carolina Flag

7. Hawaii State Flag

This flag is similar to the Old Glory one, except that it has just eight stripes with two being blue ones. These stripes represent Hawaii’s major islands. People also believe that its design was to pay tribute to the king, George III.

Hawaii State Flag

8. Alaska State Flag

This elegant and simple flag also features stars of the Big Dipper constellation against a deep blue background. Benny Benson was the boy to design and adopt its design in 1927. The blue represents the sky and the flower is the native Alaskan one.

Alaska State Flag

9. Ohio State Flag

The Ohio State flag also features three red and two horizontal white stripes, which represent the waterways and roads of the state. The design also has O for Ohio, and it features 13 stars below and above the O, while the four stars at the triangle peak refer to the status of Ohio as the 17th one in the Union.

Ohio State Flag

10. Maryland

This flag features two quarters with angles black and gold design (checkerboard style), and two quarters with heraldic cross designs. The red and white heraldic crosses represent the Crossland family. For more on the details, you should research more!


These flags round off the top 10 ones you should display in your home. Keep in mind that flags not only serve the purpose of beautification in a home, but they also give visitors a glimpse to your patriotic side.


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