Tuesday, April 13

Top 6 Best Advice to Follow during Pregnancy

Have you shared the ‘good news’ with your family? Hopefully, you are getting flooded with advice and tips for your pregnancy. The elderly women of your family will come up with lots of tips for you this time. Some of those are really effective while many of them are not applicable that much. For example, drinking saffron-milk doesn’t have anything to do with your baby’s complexion. What you need this time is expert advice for pregnancy. Today, you will get some of those here. And you should also take every step only by consulting your doctor. Here is some expert advice for your help. Read on to know more-

  1. Go for Prenatal Vitamins

Once you start planning to conceive, you can start having these vitamins. During your pregnancy, prenatal vitamins are must-have. Consult your doctor and go for it. The first month is the time when the brain and the spinal cord of the baby grow. So, you should have enough amounts of folic acid, iron, and calcium this time. Often you may feel a bit queasy after taking them, so, it is prescribed to take after dinner.

  1. Stay away from Smoking

This is quite common advice; still, would-be mothers often forget it. Cigarettes have toxic elements that enter into your bloodstream and create difficulty for your baby to breathe. As your bloodstream is the only source of oxygen for your baby, its health is seriously suffered and often causes stillbirth. So, you should completely stay away from smoking while you are pregnant. Even passive smoking can be dangerous too.

  1. Go for Work out

You need to keep yourself active, especially during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and make sure which exercises you can do. A regular workout can improve your blood circulation, reduce stress, boost your mood, and help to control weight. If you are confused about what kind of exercises you can do, just walk for 15-20 minutes each day.

  1. Rest Often

During the first trimester, your body changes faster as your body starts producing placenta and makes your baby grow faster. You can feel fatigued again during the third trimester again. So, you need to get more sleep so that your energy level stays up.

  1. Educate Yourself

Are you having your first baby? You can join childbirth classes to know more about pregnancy and infant care. You will meet other mothers-to-be there and share your experience of having a baby. You may have lots of questions in your mind about your pregnancy and baby care. The staffs are experts to answer all your queries.

  1. Never Eat for Two

You will get this advice that carrying a baby means you need to eat for two. That is absolutely wrong. A pregnant lady only needs 300 more calories a day. So, be careful what and how much you eat. Additional eating will increase your weight which may create difficulties during delivery.

So, here is certain expert advice during pregnancy to follow. Whatever you do, you should consult your doctor. Be happy and enjoy the moment.

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