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Top 8 Best Alternative Movie Streaming Sites for in 2019

Putlockers ch featured : Top 8 Best Alternative Movie Streaming Sites for in 2019, With a ton of movies and TV series being produced each year, the viewers are diving into the sea of available content. Ranging from sci-fi to breathtaking thrillers, or even spine chilling horror drama, the list of available content is just endless. However, most of the good content is often not free to watch. While it is justifiable for the streaming platforms to charge the users based on the efforts and money it takes to make the movies/TV series, some people still want the free option. And well, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Putlocker was one of the most used streaming websites which were not only free but had a great set of reviews as well. The website had pretty handy features making it easier for people to browse through their content and find the one they want. The reason why I am using was for the website is because it got shut down due to copyright issues. You may see websites claiming Putlocker to be active but in reality, the original site has been taken down. The ban of the viewer’s favorite forced some people to come up with the alternatives of this website. Although they are not similar to the original website, they still serve the purpose. Also, unlike Putlocker, these websites have irritating pop-ups which nearly kills the user experience. Still, if you are looking for free streaming websites, well, you’d have to tackle this.

Alternative Movie Streaming Sites for

Here are 8 sites similar to Putlocker.

1. SolarMovie(

Tagged as one of the best alternatives to Putlocker, SolarMovie is considered to match the goods of what Putlocker offered. SolarMovie has all the features a user would want in a free streaming website. Features like a good search engine, different filters including latest, years, and genres, makes this website a perfect destination for movie fanatics looking for Putlocker alternative. SolarMovie has a simple web interface which is a good factor. Presenting the content in a simple, concise, and clear manner, the website is easy to access.

2. Niter

If you already have an account on Netflix, or if you are aware of its user interface, then Niter would be nothing new for you. The website has a UI almost similar to the streaming giant Netflix, with the movies/TV shows appearing in chronological order. If you are still unable to find the movie of your choice, there is a search bar to help you with. However, viewers have to create an account before streaming but it hardly takes any time. Also, the website is almost free from infuriating pop-up ads, leaving you with a hassle-free experience.

3. Hulu (

Hulu is different from the rest of the streaming platforms in here based on the fact that it is paid. Unlike other websites, you won’t be able to access all the features of this website unless you opt for a $7.99 plan. The website to give the taste of certain features via a free trial, but it is limited. Also, you don’t need to worry about privacy unlike other websites because Hulu is a legal platform to stream movies or TV series. The one downside is that the service is available in the US only. However, considering the popularity, it may expand to other countries soon.

4. Vumoo

Another great alternative to Putlocker, Vumoo has a huge database of the latest movies and TV series. However, you need to know the name of the movie you want to watch. The reason being, the website lacks the feature where a user can search the website’s collection by country, genres, or year of release. For a website that has a good database of content, it is certainly a downside. Yet, this website is quite popular amongst the lost users of Putlocker who are thoroughly searching for the alternatives. In terms of collection, the website won’t let you down.

5. Megashare

Megashare is yet another substitute of the evergreen Putlocker. The website deals with the downside of most of the free streaming websites and provides an easily accessible user interface which aids in having a good overall experience. Megashare also has the feature of listing movies and TV shows categorically, making it pretty easy to search the content you are looking for. The website also has a database that is growing rapidly and new movies, as well as TV series, are being added on a constant basis.

6. 123Movies

123Movies is almost similar to the Putlocker in terms that it has TV shows and movies arranged according to country, genres, etc. It also embeds the features of SolarMovie where it presents the users with the movie description, IMDB rating, cast, etc. However, the website struggles to provide an ad-free experience, and the plethora of pop-ups can be frustrating at times.

7. GoMovies

GoMovies shares the database with 123Movies, and both the alternatives to Putlocker have a similar user interface as well. Users find it easy to browse through the content of the website but again, the unwanted and disturbing ads are bound to irritate you.

8. Primewire

If you want something more from a streaming website, then Primewire has an extra pie for you. Not only does the website streams media straight to your browser, but has a decent UI as well. Apart from the huge collection of movies and TV series, users also get access to music. All the content available is free to use. Even if you decide to watch a movie later, be free to download because the website dons this feature as well.

While the websites mentioned here are a decent alternative to Putlocker, these may induce privacy issues. To ensure total security and seamless experience, one can opt for the paid streaming services like Netflix, having amazing content to look for.

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