The TRX, which is commonly hanging around the gym, should get your attention whether you are a newbie or a regular. Questions like, “What funny thing is that?” or “I think I know what it is, but how does it work?” may arise. You’re lucky, because this write-up answers both questions.

The TRX Suspension Trainer was created by a Navy SEAL squadron commander while on deployment. Using a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing, he designed portable equipment that enhances total body workouts.

Suspension trainer exercises have an advantage over bodyweight exercises, as they support different back exercises that are difficult to do without equipment.

Now that you know the pros of TRX, go ahead and give it a try! The complete body workout listed below will get you started. For the Overhead Raise, One Leg Wide Row, Fly, Curl, Modified French Press, and Side Bend, you can modify it for comfortability by moving your feet farther away from the wall or TRX anchor. Move your feet closer to make this routine more challenging. To maintain good form, remember to keep your core engaged during the workout.

This workout will increase your fitness armory by one piece of equipment and new exercises upon its completion.



  • Hang one foot while standing upright with your hands by your side.
  • Lean your torso forward while bending your hips and knees, thus dropping your body down toward the floor.
  • Return to the start position by pushing off your front foot.

Finish all reps on one side before taking on the other side. The Musclefax address changed, hence you can get steroid products from their new domain.


  • Place your hands on the floor in front of you as your feet hang in the handles behind you, with your elbows bent and your chest nearly touching the floor.
  • Push up to make your arms straight, and keep your hips in line with your shoulders.
  • Lower back to where your chest nearly touches the floor by bending your elbows and repeat.


  • Lean back and hold the handles with your arms fully stretched, your feet flat, and your palms facing down.
  • Make your arms straight and put your hands close together while pulling the suspended handles.


  • Lean back and stand flat-footed on one leg, holding the handles with your arms stretched out, and your palms facing down.
  • Bend your elbows as you pull your chest up to the handles.        

Finish all reps on one side before taking on the other side.


  • Hold the handles with your body leaning forward, arms straight out to the sides at shoulder height, and your legs straight out on your toes.
  • Let the handles meet over your chest as you pull them together.

 Keep your arms straight throughout.


  • Change the length of the TRX straps to best fit your intended fitness routine.
  • Staying close to the straps makes your movement harder, thus giving you more work to do.
  • TRX workouts are effective when they engage your core.


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