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Student Checklist- Things To Do Before You Move To Berlin For College

Moving to another country for studies can be an exciting prospect for many students. Captured by the excitement, it is easy to forget about all the things that you need to prepare before your move. Relocation calls for plenty of organization, especially if you are moving to another country. Moving to another city in a different country is no easy task. There are many things that a student needs to do before moving to Berlin for college. Be sure to make a checklist of these important steps before the commencement of your classes.

Apply for a student visa

The first step is to secure a student visa. You will not be allowed to enter the country for studies without a valid visa. Several EU nations are exempted from visa requirements in Germany. This visa also allows you to work for the duration of your studies in college.

Register yourself with the international office of your university

Universities that accept foreign students have an international office where students have to register themselves. It helps foreign students familiarize themselves with the environment and help them with settling abroad. The international office is a good contact to have when moving to a foreign institute. It will make the relocation process more streamlined and easier.

Find and register your accommodation

Scouring for accommodation can be challenging in Berlin. Students are not granted housing immediately with enrollment. As such, they need to find and rent an apartment themselves. It’d be wise to start looking for a place to live as early as possible. Students have several options available for housing. The university’s student union can also help foreign students find accommodation. You can also look for apartments, share a room, or stay at a homestay. Websites like Urban Ground can help students immensely in finding accommodations easily and quickly.

Open a German bank account

You are going to need a bank account for all the transactions that you are going to do. You don’t necessarily need a German bank account, but it will certainly make your life far easier. Most banks require a registration certificate to open an account. This is provided when your register your address. Certain banks don’t need a registered address to open an account. A German bank account is a useful document for the future as well, such as when applying for a residence permit. Many banks provide free or discounted accounts for students.

Get a health insurance

Having health insurance is necessary. It can be required during enrollment at your college. Picking the right kind of insurance is necessary. Leaving it to the companies isn’t a good choice. They will likely pick up something this is good for them, not for you. Consult a broker before you select insurance.

Check if your devices work

Germany’s electrical grid runs on 230V and 50Hz. Before you move to Berlin, check if your devices can run on this voltage. You may need to buy new products in case your old ones are not compatible with them.

Get a SIM card

As a foreign student, you should get yourself a new SIM card in Berlin. Your international charges might turn out to be a large expense. It is simply cheaper and better to get a new SIM. This allows you to make calls and use data without any extra fee. Students from other European countries can continue to use their previous SIMs without any extra charges.

Enroll at your college or university

Before you start attending classes, you will need to enroll at your college or university. Students can do this at the administrative office. Each institute will have its list of documents that are required. Some of the documents that are needed are a Passport or residence permit, photo, admission confirmation, proof of education, language test, health insurance, and payment receipt.


Berlin is one of the most popular student destinations. Every year, millions of students flock to the city in search of education and future employment. From housing to documents, students need to take care of everything before they take their flight to Berlin. You don’t want to end up with surprises once you are in another country after all. Be sure to go through this checklist and double-check your bags to ensure that you have everything that you need.

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