Coffee Cause hair loss

Does Coffee Cause hair loss?

Hair loss is something that everyone is afraid of because hair is our crown and no one wants to take that crown off. Some people have the guts to carry that bald look but some people use a wig to cover it up and save them from embarrassment.

But the common thing coffee drinker hears is that the coffee is the reason of his hair loss.

In this article we are going to discuss the common fact does coffee causes hair loss.

What are the reasons for hair loss?

There are numerous reasons for hair loss and it depends upon person to person. Major baldness is seen in males especially in the crown which is a common type of baldness pattern. Some of the reasons for hair loss are listed below.

  • Taking stress
  • Using harsh chemicals on the scalp
  • Change in weather
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Bad nutrition
  • Water and temperature of a certain place
  • Anxiety

Is coffee the reason for your hair loss?

There is a certain belief among people that having coffee leads to hair loss. But this fact is not completely true as having a balanced amount of coffee is beneficial for your hair and health and it even stops hair loss. It targets DHT hormones that cause hair loss and prevents vitamins, minerals, and proteins to help hair follicles to grow.

hair loss

But if you are having coffee in an excess amount then it will surely cause hair loss and will also harm your health, as an excess amount of caffeine can lead to the iron deficiency that causes hair loss.

How is caffeine helping your hairs?

Caffeine if taken in a balanced amount proves to very beneficial for hairs as this chemical causes hair cells to produce more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which in common language is the energy of biological cells.

The presence of such energy chemicals does not allow thinning of hairs; rather they promote the growing phase. You can also interesting write up about how much caffeine in coffee.

  • Promotes softer, shiner, and younger-looking hair:

If you are a normal coffee drinker then you might have noticed that your hair looks softer, shiner compared to other non-drinkers. It maintains the natural oil of hair and helps roots to retain moisture and create natural sheen.

  • Restores your hair growth:

Caffeine blocks the growth of DHT in male hair follicles which in turn makes hair long and wider hair roots. It also has effects on female hair follicles by promoting hair growth. Caffeine is responsible for good blood circulation which is best for hair growth.

  • Naturally, get rid of gray hair:

Since it stimulates good blood circulation so it does not let your hair turn grey before time. If you apply coffee to your hair directly by mixing it with some water then it will give you the natural brown and black color.

How much coffee you should drink

The game of pros and cons is all dependent upon how much coffee you take in a day. It is recommended to take a minimum of 2 cups or a maximum of 4 cups a day. If you are going to take more than this then it will not show effects in the starting but slowly you will become to it and side-effects will start showing up.

Consumption of coffee is also dependent upon the type of coffee you have. As latte has the maximum amount of caffeine in one cup whereas decaf coffee has the least amount of caffeine in one cup which means your one cup of latte is equal to a minimum of 40 cups of decaf caffeine.

It’s not the caffeine that is responsible for your hair loss; it’s the frequency of your intake that determines its effects and side effects. Coffee would not directly cause hair loss but your high-level caffeine intake can become of the reasons for hair loss.

Still, if you are facing a hair loss problem then consult your doctor and get proper medication for it. There are various solutions available for both men and women if you try so.

Even if you have lost all your hairs then also there are many ways like hair transplant in which new hairs are transplanted on your scalp and PRP treatments that strengthen your leftover roots and make them voluminous.

Have a great hair day!

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